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I\'m happy that im new to this website.... best regards
Probably the original Comuta wouldn\'t comply with modern safety requirements but the concept seems just right for today\'s city traffic with enough space for delivering kids to school or wherever, plus room for a bit of shopping. Ford should update this, change the batteries and drive systems for modern technology and then this could really be a success!
Britain used to have acceptable speeds, in the 70\'s they restricted them as the price of oil quadrupled overnight. They never returned the temporary speed limit (70mph) back to what it was.

At no point is speed dangerous, the vehicle maybe dangerous, the road conditions may be dangerous, the person tailgating you maybe dangerous, the person stepping in front of you may be dangerous, but as far as i know speed isnt. Otherwise we would all be dead when the sun came up.

As long as the road-surface is maintained, the vehicle is maintained and its driver is competant its possible to travel saftely at over 200mph. More deaths occur from people eating too much than will ever die in car accidents. More deaths occur from driving to slow than will ever occur from driving too fast. Most children are killed by people in 4x4 reversing over them in drive-ways or schools. Youre talking 0-10mph is the most dangerous speed for a vehicle to travel at in the world if you wish to identify it.
@mg - either quote your sources or have the finger of \"making it up\" pointed at you. I never read such nonsense in a long time - you\'re clearly a troll.
A quick search indicates: http://www.nhs.uk/news/2010/02February/Pages/obesity-death-records-jump.aspx
which states 8450 people in the UK died from obesity related illness (from 1995 to 2006) - so 11 years = average of 748 per year
However, according to: http://www.statistics.gov.uk/cci/nugget.asp?id=1208, in 2006, 3142 people died in Road Accidents in the UK.
I thought that maybe the above comment was from Jeremy Clarkson with another ridiculous justification for unacceptable road behaviour but even he would not write such trash.
Great concept and it should be revived in modern form...bring back the mini skirt worn by the mmodel while you\'re at it!!
This was a valid concept then and is a valid concept now . . . give us an inexpensive electric for our local driving . . . PLEASE
I\'m afraid I\'m not up to speed with safety statistics, but I am familiar with the fashion of the sixties. Thanks for the refresher.
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Mentioning Clarkson and Tiny cars in London,Why couldn\'t we have something like this available now, or the Peel Car He was able to drive TO work,and even AT work inside TV Centre?!
Mg, Actually the temporary speed limit during the oil crisis was 50mph and was removed when things improved. Ian Colley