Will Larson
um,, the evil side of me would love to see someone take the tailgate in the face after using their foot to open it. I'm looking forward to this.
I would prefer to have a mechanical release but it is a good idea.
Wonder how that works in cold climates where the sensor gets covered in snow and ice from road spray?
Bill Bennett
since I am in the car repair business I have found some rear lids to be dangerous when they auto open, Mormon housewife knocked out by by minivan, film at 11 o clock news, stay tuned
They should make the tailgate hinge farther forward so you can carry a refrigerator. it would also reduce haw far it wings out when opened.
God idea but not a new one.
The BMW 5-series has this already.
Just keep this car away from burly factory workers with safety shoes on. ;-)
What if the all the doors folded up into the roof such as in shutters on shop fronts this avoids impaling oneself or ones fellow road user not to mention the paint work.
John Parkes
Absolute Brilliance. Sometimes we get so involved we miss the little things...this is one of those little things that we slap our foreheads when we see and wonder why we haven't thought of it sooner.
Dawar Saify
So American vehicle manufacturing has a future.