amazing car, well done.
Martin Hone
Just goes to show how good the original was when Ford can revamp the concept and offer it again, almost 50 years later......
I wouldn't be shocked if 600HP is a real conservative tease, I am sure Ford will want to blow the Hellcat away. Though even at 600HP, I am sure it still would.
Scott Jarvis
I wonder if Thule will make a cargo box for this :-)
Derek Howe
Good job Ford, that car looks stunning!
Steve Jones
Maybe even better looking than the original?
The exterior design is way too busy. It's like a cross between something Italian and the GT40, but fails to pull it off. Keep it simple Ford!
Dave Andrews
Beautiful! Of course, I have no idea what was meant by the word "frugal" since neither the price nor gas mileage is mentioned...
Robert Flieger
I would like to see a chart comparing the specs of the three generations of these cars.
I know now where I've seen this interior! That car company that made the Fiero. If you're going to take decades to revamp a car, like Ford did with the Mustang, the least they can do is get some help working on the interior.