Craig Jennings
Oh good, an American car where the panels are SUPPOSED to pop in and out. So the ecoboost is like mercedes DiesOtto? That\'s good news for petrol vehicles :) But yes, what a nice little car
Mark Petereit
20 years later and Ford finally figures out how to build a Geo Metro. This is news?
Joe Henderson
Hmmm... three-cylinder, 1-liter engine. Can anyone say, \"Geo Metro\"? It\'s a Ford, though, so that\'s a point in its favor.
The design seems to be aerodynamically perfect and efficient fuel consumption and envornmentally benign..
Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India
David Jackson
I imagine this is what an iCar would look like...
That\'s a sweet piece of engineering! To compare it to a Geo Metro is just plain silly... sorta like calling a gorgeous supermodel, \"just another skinny woman.\"
I would buy something that looked like this if I was in the market for a high mileage commuter car.
It\'s an awesome looking car. Too bad it looks like they copied the Audi Metroproject. I would buy one if it wasn\'t a Ford. I had a too many bad experiences with a Mustang and swore off Fords forever. Why couldn\'t they offer a diesel engine too ? A hatchback version would be nice to see as well.
Facebook User
Wow. This is just another example of why traditional auto makers will never be able to produce the next generation of fuel sippers. Compared to the aerodynamics of some other small startups this thing is a brick. I imagine it still has a coefficient of drag around 0.3. Most of the other vehicles that are shooting for fuel sipping have at least a 0.2 and the Aptera has a Cf of 0.15. They seriously need to take all their over paid locked in stone thinkers off the body design group and put a fluid dynamics and aerodynamics specialist on it. With the 1.0 liter and a Cf of 0.15 they could easily hit 80 MPG.
Will, the tink
Let\'s hope Ford will take a page from the Geo Metro\'s basic intro price point, along with the current non-robust economy when they decide what the market will bear. Speaking of which, has Chevy ever introduced that Suzuki 3-cylinder 1ltr in any other ultra-small cars. I loved the 91 Geo Metro I used to own. It got 50mpg @70mph! That might have been before the latest round of performance-choking emission mandates though! I can wish can\'t I? I bet the emissions of my 91 Metro could compare favorably with any of those late-model SUVs with v-6 or v-8s!
Dan Schafer
I had a Honda(coupe) with a 2 cylinder engine in the past(1973) it got great mpg and it could keep up with traffic! wreckablyity too! rolled it a drove it home! only shows little cars and little engines are here to stay!