John Mulnix
How about we stop using corn for biofuel and use it to feed people.... just a thought.
It is amazing just how similar the human race is to a virus. Replicate until the host is killed.
Regards, Royce R. Vines
there must be a time where all the major governments in the world will have to agree to an immediate plan to cope with all the problems mentioned, ( highly unlikely )
Mark Sink
we have to stop using fossil fuels, and we have to stop NOW!!!! wind, solar , i don't even like bio-fuel research. make coal plants capture co2 emissions it can be done, they just won't install the equiptment unless we the tax payers pay for it. ludicrious with the amount of profit the energy companys make!!!! write your congressmen and women, relentlessly!!!
TECHNOLOGY!!!!!!!! is the answer and start changeing our behabour, strong rules and regulations world wide...................
Not even close. Oil won't run out, just get too expensive to be worth extracting it. As soon as the economy recovers by late next yr, the price will hit $150/bbl and keep going up until it causes the next recession. This will finally spur the movement to replace it though that will take 10 yrs. The good thing is you can stop using it much faster. I did by building my own EV 12 yrs ago.
Running out of food is a joke. There is no food shortage just as there is no energy shortage. Just the US produces enough to feed 1/2 the world. And crop wastes can easily be used for the energy, fertilizer needed with no oil, NG, etc input. Many farms now make methane to power generator that could be used in tractors. Just sun, water and air can make N2 fertilizers. Just by switching to grass fed animals instead of grain fed in the US, another billion, maybe 2 could be fed.
Water is very plentiful just needs cleaning which can be done with solar or wind fairly cheaply.
Fish is another story as the acidification, warming grows of the oceans wild fish will have great problems. Not only does coal burning cause the acidifying, but also poisons them with mercury so even now one shouldn't eat fish more than 1/week. I wouldn't eat farmed fish because of what they feed them. Not that it couldn't be done more healthy like growing clean algae to feed them, just they don't.
Our, these problems are not technical but political where big business, corrupt politicians prevent solutions because they want all the money, power even if billions die.
Todd Dunning
Four crucial character types that will never run out:
1. Frustrated apocalyptic doomers 2. Hippies who blame the modern world for not giving them a free lunch 3. Politically savvy Leftists who manufacture a problem so they can sell the solution 4. Mainstream media who finds these stories get a lot of attention, until the details are scrutinized.
I don't see what the big deal is...we continue to consume the worlds resources until they run out...then we die...then when most of the people are dead, the world will be able to recover and eventually, humans, in whatever form they have evolved into by this time, can begin to propagate again in massive numbers...then consume the world's resources again, then die out's like a yo-yo and follows with it..or's that simple!
Technology and better cheaper ,more affordable radical breakthrough technology. Fosil fuels are unnecessary for energy, transportation even for chemistry IF there is a switch for massive alternative use.In particularly solar. AND YOU SOLVE GLOBAL WARMING. That is one crisis over. Food can be grown out of the thin air, if you know how (aeroponics) and in large qualities even on your roof top. Just make it a kit d.i.y solution. Even water can be obtained out of the thin air (humidity) in sufficient quantities, even in deserts. Fish...stop the stupids. (Not just "whale wars").

Giuseppe Picciuca
The biggest issue is climate changes, because what we are experiencing now is the feedback of past decade\'s pollution, so we can only try to imagine the effects on the environment caused by the pollution of today.
pressed by the cirumstances we will find the solution to face the other issues.