France this week showed the real reason for the global warming scare. When fossil fuel and energy becomes more costly there will be social disorder, businesses will fail, people will starve, ecomonies will fail. We need to transition our economies away from the dwindling reserves of fossil fuels for the sake of civilization, not because of some idiotic unscientific notion of CO2 being a universal evil on Earth.
I've never seen or heard an actual scientist claiming that CO2 was a "universal evil on earth", only idiotic unscientific types that like to put words in the mouths of scientists.
Whilst you are correct in your condemnation of CO2 as a universal evil, your perception of fossil fuel costs rising is largely incorrect. The cost of energy is rising because of the continuing absurd pursuit of renewable energy which, whilst it only contributes low single digit percentages of global energy, it must be supported by fossil fuels thanks to its intermittency. Germany is an example where energy costs are spiralling out of control thanks to their desire to impose renewables on the population. Australia is similar with the UK making a run for the top spot as well. As for the "dwindling reserves" of fossil fuel, "Methane hydrates are the largest reserve of hydrocarbons in the planetary crust" offering 1,000 years of energy. https://www.thegwpf.com/energy-for-1000-years-huge-natural-gas-from-methane-hydrates-process-developed/
On this planet there is an almost limitless amount of energy, all that is needed is to harness it, this can be done by building an EM Generator and yes it is dangerous but this type of generator produces it's own shielding i.e. "a force field" once started it will run indefinitely with NO Maintenance and every type of Transport/Industry/Home heating will all be electrical and just four of these Generators positioned around the Globe will provide all the power this Planet will ever need Indefinitely and will supply all the power needed to clean up this World and for "Free" "NO METERING" it will produce so much Power it cannot be Metered!
The article suggests that the report might be ignored. I hope NOT! It claims that doing nothing about climate change, means by the end of the century the average American will only be 10 times richer than now, instead of 11. On the other hand, if we only hand over control of the economy to the government to stop climate change, we can be as rich as Venezuela within a few years.
Actually it turns out that if we burn all the methane that is underground we run out of oxygen. It has already happened in the past (Permian extinction). It probably will happen again soon. No risk of running out of stuff to burn
Jose Gros
Warnings about Global Warming are old, just see: 'The Air around us and how it is changing', Popular Mechanics, Aug 1964, pg 81->, or, if you can read Spanish: '100.000 km tras los OVNI', by JJ Benítez (100000 km after UFOs). Don't start crying, it's not your fault!
Please!!! Everyone!!!! Surrender your wealth and your liberty, to the government contrived climate scare!!! They only have YOUR best interests in mind.
“The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants, and it provides the further advantage of giving the servants of tyranny a good conscience” - French philosopher, author, and journalist Albert Camus (1913-1960)
What bothers me a great deal is that many folks are under the impression that the government is a disinterested party, with no agenda of its own.
This is completely wrong- the government is made up of people, and bureaucrats are ALWAYS interested in keeping those paychecks coming and growing.
Joshua Tulberg
What an embarrassment for Trump. He should really just replace all of the USA scientists or create new ones so that he can prove climate change is a Chinese hoax and that ozone-depleting substances from his hair-spray couldn't possible make their way out of his sealed apartments.