I wonder if it will also capture at 24, 25, 30 fps. Then we could use it for production as well.
Got to have this one ASAP What amazing possibilities.....mind boggles.
This brings to mind the high speed 1000fps slow motion capability of the Casio EX-ZR200 which has been out for a while and costs under $500. Of course, you're stuck with their built-in lens. Key for good looking high speed sequences is perfect lighting: the brighter the better. I wonder whether up-rezing individual frames in post production could significantly improve undersized high speed footage.
640 x 480 would be quite sufficient if the area of interest is small.
Just 10,000 fps is "capturing bullet" territory so yeah, this is a big thing. Oh the humanity of rednecks shooting themselves trying to capture bullets from first person perspectives.
I don't know if my previous comment was applied but this is a well written piece and stands in contrast to most online content.
For example "Slow something down enough, and your brain can begin to catch up on the physics, dynamics and emotional content of events that transpire in the blink of an eye. "
Well written.
Michael Crumpton
"for the price of a decent compact" $960-$1450 is a bit more the price of more than a decent compact, not that the price reduction from $100k is not impressive, but hyperbole is unnecessary with a 99% reduction in cost.
Cass Master
It should be noted that the expensive, high-end high-speed cameras are expensive mostly not because they're expensive to build, but because they target a specialized market and users who can afford the price tags.
Nik Sim
or you can buy a used EX-FH20 for like 220$
Charlie Woo
hi! how are you douing! my name is charlie Woo. My company is a golf simulator made in korea. so i try use a fps1000 silver model. can i have a question, does fps1000 real-time send to computer through the usb? hopefully! if all goes well, We want to buy fps1000! Thank You!