It's not a bicycle if it's got a rocket engine! It's a rocket propelled motorcycle, surely. Was he pedalling at 177mph? If this record stands it's a triumph for stupidity not derring-do!
If he was catapulted on a bicycle that would be OK, but you cannot have a motorised, rocket-propelled or anything propelled machine and call it a bicycle, even if it has bike gears and brakes.
Toffe Carling
Nothing like straddling a bottle of organic acid be twine Ur legs. Cool record and good nothing went wrong as the pilot would have suffered some horrific acid burns. Most likely died having the lower part of the body eaten away.
So brave pilot :D
Dave B13
A perplexifier as many articles are on gizmag, but quite an accomplishment.
When I climb up on Santa's knee next month, I'm going to tell him that I have been good all year, and I would like to find one of these under the tree on Xmas morn. Ralph L. Seifer, Long Beach, California.
The Skud
I bet his insurance company loves him for the HUGE premiums he must pay!
Sorry "Master" but "bicycle" simply means "two wheels" NOT "pedal-powered"
Thijmen Put
I think Master-guy is right. There is a reason he mounted pedals and a chain on the vehicle even if he does not use them. I think his machine is qualified as "bicycle with motorised support". The word you are looking for is "two wheeler" as bicycle actively revers to it being propelled by human power.
Edgar Castelo
That feat deserved a better Video coverage, even a local Marriage and event covering Video Reporter,from a Photo Shop, would do better.
Dan Vasii
He isn't the fastest person on a bicycle - I saw on Discovery an american being pulled by a car on that salt trail in the desert - he reached 300 km/h, but was not "self"-propelled, if you can say that about a rocketcycle
Isn't there a faster way to get to the grocery store and back before the ice cream melts?