Why are there no picture of someone actually sitting in the chair?
Carlos Letelier
Nothing new here. Check out the binaria stool from be Barcelona...
Jay Gatto
We provide this seating geometry at Manta Design - it is the correct way to sit - but we do it for bicycles, in motion. Jon
Mel Tisdale
It looks more to me that it would be the easiest thing in the world to slide off and land on the floor with a jolt, especially seeing as it has castors. If you didn't need an osteopath before sitting on the FreedMan Chair, there is the high likelihood that you would afterwards. Perhaps it should be called the CrippledCoxis Chair instead.
benfelts70: You are correct! On the site's animated video the only thing sitting is a skeleton. In their "Evolution of Man" picture before the Freedman chair is a guy facing a computer using incorrect seat hight and posture. Is the buyer to assume the chair will force the user into correct sitting or just standing posture? I've seen too many people with incorrect walking and standing alignment to consider this the next big thing.
Simon Freedman
Simon Freedman here. Many thanks for your comments. Pictures of people sitting on the Mark III FreedMan Chair will be up on the website tomorrow...Good idea that...
Hey Mel, no-one has slipped off our chairs yet. They're very comfortable and funnily enough people with Coccygeal problems love them.
Hey Carlos, the Binaria stool has a very different functionality to The FreedMan Chair. The Binaria is based on a split, traditional saddle design. Lot's of problems with that approach...In my opinion.
Hey Jon, I couldn't find the chair you're talking about. If you could send me a link, I'd love to take a look.
Bruce H. Anderson
IT is probably correct to assume that the normal desk height of 29-30 inches would have to increase to allow for being a little taller in the saddle.
Simon Freedman
Hey Again,
Jon, my apologies, I found your 'Manta' bicycle seat and it is really brilliant. I totally love it. I dug out your patent and it confirmed that what you are trying to achieve is very different from what The FreedMan Bicycle Seat will. The Manta does look great though, I wish you every success. Phileaux, I study sitting as a career and most research agrees that the man in the Evolution of Man is in the correct sitting position. I could point to the papers I am referring to, and I'm sure you've read A.C. Mandal.
Henry Van Campa
There is a Finnish invention called Humantool. It looks a bit like a miniature horse riding saddle with half a sphere on the bottom to balance on. Not sure if I managed to explain clearly in English?
Roger Dutton
I thought the bicycle idea sounded interesting too, this looks sound enough to me, when my back gets out of shape I would love to try this out.