bushman Jack
Home Hydrogen Generators - all i can say is \"remember the Hindenberg\"
And how much energy does it take to smelt that aluminium?
Andrew Gillies
Yeah petroleum is much much safer....! never been any accidents with that!
The place this kind of system tends to run into trouble is can it be scaled up.
Many promising processes sound really good until scaling up starts costs going up logarithmically.
ffs don\'t tell Dick Cheney
I wonder what injecting \"functional water\" into the combustion chamber of a warmed up gas turbine (1100 degrees C) would do? Split the water and produce an immediate burn? That would be impressive.
We used to do that as teenagers over 30 years ago. Just mix some lye and water in a soda bottle then dump some aluminum foil bits into it. We\'d pop a balloon over the top and wait for it to fill the ballon. Then we\'d tie a candle wick to it, light the end and let it float up in the air. When the flame reaches the balloon it blows up in a little fireball. Of course a harmless trick like that these days would no doubt get a person arrested as a terrorist making weapons of mass destruction.

I have no doubt their \"functional water\" is made functional by merely adding lye to it.
Didn\'t the Hindenburg crash because the skin first caught on fire? Not because of the hydrogen? Check out some youtube videos of a hydrogen car fire. Looks much safer than a gasoline car fire.
Smelt aluminum... how about I rinse off the aluminum foil from my lunch and use that? Or chop up a soda can?
Very interested to see where this concept goes.
I agree with\"oldsurly\".Let\'s see where this goes.Time will tell.
hydrogen generation is one issue. An entirely different issue is hydrogen storage. Hydride tanks are the cost and technical halt. Density for vehicle use, hence the range, is far superior to battery on board and thus we should be happy about any quantum jump in the direction of ready to market.