Great idea !
Why not doing a sofa or simple stools ?
Why cutting them ? People may love to plant a living bench in their garden, especially if it also provides flowers each year.
I'd love to have 6 of those chairs. One of the neatest environmentally sound ideas that is actually happening now instead of just being "researched or studied" as are so many things being reported these days.
Esi 1976
What if they grow like car chassis, or even a whole car body!
Formed furniture has been around for literally centuries in the Appalachian mountains, but this take it to a new level of both functionality and durability...very cool.
Beautiful, Zen-like way to pass the time. I wonder if Gavin has tried using hemp, or cannabis for his creations. It is a fast growing plant with one of the strongest natural fibers available.
Bruce Williams
Like the ancient Chinese tradition of binding a woman's feet into a lotus blossom and the practice of brass neck rings in Burma and other disgraceful acts of torture, all in the name of "beauty". I'm sure this hurts the trees. Not only is their appearance so bizarre to other trees causing embarrassment and shame in the forest, they are cut down in the prime of life only to have someone's ass sitting on what may have been their face. Someone needs to tell Greenpeace about this!
The concept is high design. Wood is a miraculous material. If we learned how to speed up the process a little ( waiting some is good for us ) we could grow incredibly strong BUILDINGS even, that would stand up to horrendous shaking ( I live in L.A. ) and dispense with all sorts of nasty destructive construction methods. Living in the trees would foster many different kinds of sports and fun activities. Think of Tarzan on a vine. If you think this is absurd.......go look at a Central California Redwood Tree. A solid would musical instrument would take on new meaning. Featherstone
I wonder about trying this with kudzu?
Here in Georgia, we plant kudzu by throwing it on the ground and running away, so as not to overtaken.
Hmmmmm - may have to experiment with this
I saw an entire room full of furniture like this in China some years ago, made for the town rulers.
I would say this is just as astounding, and very beautiful! Any of it would be a welcome addition to our home.
You do realize that the device you are typing on relied on the "murder"of a tree. I mean yeah lets call green peace because someone has a business venture that is causing LESS energy consumption and dealing MINIMAL er.. "wounds" to the trees being used.
The communication components required to establish networking were delivered using cardboard or wood pallets. The device you are using was packaged using a by-product of wood too. Best we call green peace for that to right?
Find a hobby and do something that actually matters... for real :)
This is a great concept and it's nice to see things like this really taking shape. I bet the sale value on one of those furniture items will be brutally expensive!