A shot of Novocaine in each foot and a fat paycheck and I\'ll run on the rocks too.
Bob Ehresman
Hard to imagine these providing much mileage, Kevlar or no.
Kiel Stuart (@kielrhys)
they really seem to be working the swiss angle, even the cross on the ankle straps. we all know everyone\'s a sucker for a germanic accent and high tech electro background music
my first thought would be the whole structural integrity of a shoe comes from the single piece at the toes, the minute you break that up into indivdual toes you take that strength away. sure this can be overcome by material advances, but a single piece of advanced material will be stronger yet again
i don\'t really understand the \"natural barefoot\" shoe craze, i think it\'s probably just a cultural mutant that\'s arizen from the \"green revolution\" that\'s making a timely entrance in our way of life. regular shoes work and can be improved upon, i don\'t see the point to these. they\'re not more natural, just a different profile
what\'s next, natural penis and testicle outlined pants? i just don\'t see the point, but i\'ll still give them a go (the shoes, maybe not the pants)
I have tried socks with individual toes, blinding pain.
I would try a pair of these as soon as I can get my hands on a can of NeverWet spray that\'s due out mid 2012. I would feel the need to try and protect a $70 pair of sock! The individual toe sock is big here in Japan and they feel fine to me. I\'m sure you\'d get some looks walking around town in socks. I\'d use them at the beach.
Doug Finner
@gimeney - I know a few people who have started running in \'feet\' shoes and they are quite enthusiastic about the change. The main thing that happens is that the shoes force you to change your gate and stop punding your heel into the pavement and adopt a gate that puts less strain on the foot, ankle, and leg. The runners I know who use these are not touchy feely green whole grain types; they\'re serious physical fitness nuts and these shoes are making a real difference to them. I use them around the house and in the woods and find them more comfortable than regular shoes. I also find that I can walk more quietly since my foot has a better \'feel\' for the ground. Give them a try; I think you\'ll like them. Do NOT buy on line - go to a store where they can help you get fitted.
Carlos Grados
I would love to try them out. Hope to see them soon here.
These make sandals look smart.
@Gimeny - The reason these \'bare foot shoes\' are around is because they help develop muscles in your feet and ankles as you would better being barefoot. But because it\'s just stupid and dangerous to go everywhere and do everything barefoot, they\'re giving an alternative.
You may not see the benefits yourself, but not everything is made for 100% of the population.
These are great for so many different aspects in fitness including general workouts (as are the Vibram Five Fingers)
Feet are much like hands. Muscles and grip can be developed so far, yet you need to use them in different ways for that to happen... using these for something such as mountain climbing would be incredible because not only will you get better grips with your feet, but you\'ll develop the muscles a lot more just like your hands do the same.
Flipider Comm
What if the grip is so good and your feet side out of the $73 sock, you lose your balance and get hurt.