Did this people never have been in high school? In first class you learn why it never can be sustainable. Even in case it would work it is even not environmental friendly.
We are so close to this, I can't wait. Imagine fusion powering CO2 scrubbers, desalinization plants, quick charging graphene car batteries, the list is endless.
Derek Howe
guzmanchinky - yeah...close.....I'll check back in 20 years.
A tokamak is not an artificial sun.
In any case it is a black hole for tax payers money. I read in the late 1960ies about the same thing in Hobby - Magazin der Technik*. Today at ITER they say that in 30 years we will know: does it work or not... Great! All the "researchers" in charge had a good time and retire than with nice pension funding. If someone would please digitize this journals we would save drastically money because of many "innovations" published and made that time and failed.
I'd truly love to see (cold) fusion in my lifetime. Say, how did you measure the 100M degrees? My bulb thermometer doesn't go that high.
Didn't they watch Spider-Man 2? This is not going to end well.
Hey Fritz, go back to your cave and quit reading if you don't like what you read. Learn English.
Pierre Collet
Wow... so many negative comments on the best promise of endless non-polluting energy... But as was said above, time has not come yet for fusion to replace fossil fuel. This is a great endeavour for humankind that will still need time to mature, which is perfect as it will ensure a not too abrupt transition from fossil-fuel based energy. Transport and many other sectors of the industry will have time to switch to electricity via batteries so that the transition is not too painful. However, the petrol/coal producing countries should definitely prepare for what is coming. 20 to 30 years will seem short to them...
Fast Eddie
Sixty-plus years after work began, we are showing another step of progress...but the planet cannot wait until this form of fusion power comes into being. There is no reason to believe we are less than another fifty years away from finding a way to make magnetic containment fusion power work. However, I have the solution, and explained here: