Chris Coles
Two of the most senior scientists at CERN, have been provided with copies of a work clearly describing verifiable facts that cast great doubt upon the need for the continuance of the LHC, let alone for the likes of an FCC. As such one can only assume that the science of high energy physics is determined to continue with what will eventually become; a great financial scandal.
Nikola Milovic
It would be much better for science to use that money to understand the structure of the universe and the way of forming matter, using the consciousness and intuition that can get a link from the SEU (Spiritual entity of the universe). So far, this work was futile, and science knew nothing new, except that she thinks she found some particles in collisions that could be a blending block of the universe, which is a great misconception and ignorance. All these types of particles, which allegedly found in the collapses of "killed particles" in collisions, are just "dead-born" abortions, which are consistently derived from the substance Aether, which fills the whole universe and in which "submerged" and all subatomic particles are "submerged." Here is my offer: give me only 10% of the predicted amount for expanding this monster, and we will cheerfully solve many of the problems that destroy science, especially where vast resources are wasted without any benefit.
Brian M
Why 100 TeV and not 200?
This looks likes a case of :
If you only have a hammer everything looks like a nail, and if that doesn't work you just need a bigger hammer!
SK Banerjee
I will like to refer Page 156 of the recently published book by Late Stephen Hawking titled "Brief Answers To the Big Questions". I am refraining from typing the paragraph on this page, only quoting from this paragraph '....... We are not about to build particle accelerators that can probe distances that small (Planck length). They have to be larger than the solar system and they are not likely to be approved in the present financial climate. However, there are consequences of our theories that can be tested by much more modest machines" Disclaimer: To maintain continuity in the quotation I have added within bracket (Planck Length). Planck Length is referred in the same paragraph by author already. - SK Banerjee.
America built and then shutdown the SSC in Texas. It was 54 Miles in diameter (~85km).
It was defunded by the Clinton administration in the mid 90s.
It will create a black hole and suck our world away into the void.
What a waste of money. Forbes sets the bill for finding the Higgs Boson at the LHC at 13.5 Billion dollars. So what's the ROI on that? How is the world a better place after squandering such a gigantic chuck of taxpayers' money.
Let's just build one around the Earth already! Or maybe several times around the Earth? I love the probe of the tiny universe.
Although they do have the CERN infrastructure to start with, a micrometer-accurate tunnel through such mountainous terrain does seem a touch ambitious.
A huge chuck of money! Hilarious. What isn't hilarious, however, is the fact that such an accelerator is liable to set the Galaxy on fire. Now if France wants to take responsibility for such a crime against the Galaxy, then go right ahead.