Sidney Blondell
I am not a big fan of knock-offs like Android or Windows. The Samsung Tablet or so-called "Phablet" is not a new idea. These types of devices used to be called PDAs (personal digital assistants) and existed before the smart-phone (e.g. Dell Axim) The PDA was successfully integrated into a cellular phone by Apple due to their advanced operating system, and they called it iPhone... These PDA's with telephone capabilities have since become know as "smart" phones. [or "super" phones if you listen to the dummies at Rogers] To me, PDA has always sounded better than any of the "new" names associated with these devices. It rings of success. Phablet sounds stupid, and Smart Phone implies the stupidity of the owner, as if they are forced to augment their lack of intelligence with a much smarter machine. However, I do applaud Samsung for realizing the potential of combining of stylus and touch. The capabilities of the device are greatly enhanced. I have always taken issue with Apple for not realizing and implementing this added feature from the start. As an aside, I am surprised Apple did not update iOS7 to be able to answer your phone without having to remove your winter gloves; not everywhere is California, and sometimes, it's just too cold to answer your phone...
Island Architect
Well, Gates had it right when he said that he was envious of Steve's taste.
That would obtain here as well.
Now I'm not talking about the intrauterine collar that you tried to slick in.
The graphics are poor and the overall look is cheap. Kinda looks like some graduate engineers were involved.
What was the name of Steve's board member who scooted to Samsung? Too bad he didn't steal the taste as well.
The size might be a tad too big. An entrepreneur might make a killing coming up with shirts that could hold the device and not let it flip into the bucket when you lean over to depress the flush lever.
Crusty Ol' Bastard
Decent review of this product. But if you go back to the basic root purpose for this device... it's a phone. Yet you didn't make any comments on it's phone capabilities... voice quality, signal sensitivity, features, etc.
Peltier Junction
I got a Note II in Dec. 2013 - I was impressed with the features but I was looking for a PHONE. As it turned out, it's a lousy phone.....doesn't ring loud enough, voice volume is also poor. As much as I hate to admit this, the iphone is a superior phone....the Note probably a better wanna-be PC.
You gotta love the power of marketing eh? Folks willing to completely ignore everything about a product, except the brand name printed on the back. I guess human nature is to always fall prey to Cults. At least this one isn't burning people at the stake I suppose.
All I can think about with this type of device is how much real-estate is available inside to have included a bit more:
-Battery - I want my week standby and 2 days talk back. -Communications modules - Hexa band + US bands -Inductive charger - enough said -Awesome camera - flash units, large sensor, optical stabilization, big lens -Usual RF suspects - NFC, BT4, 11.a/b/g/n/af/wimax
Only a fraction of these features have been integrated into the Note 3, and I don't think I'm being unreasonable. So in saying that, and given the retail pricing they wish to sell this at, Samsung are exactly in the same basket as Apple where price gouging is concerned. Shame on them both.
Congratz Will! Finally an unbiased evaluation of a truly great product. Don't know why you found it necessary to exaggerate the 'profit' angle... Samsung have invested billions on R&D and since they are a publc company they need to retrieve their investments to enable them to continue rolling out devices that leave the fan boys drooling. I've been holding out for the Note3 and still with little regret I'll pass on my trusted Galaxy S3 (the first phone ever to fully satisfy my mobile needs) to my gf. Together with my Note 8 I am sure I've found my way to mobile heaven!
Im happy as with my note2 and most probly will update to note3 at some stage tho not straight away even tho i would luv to have all those updated features right now. When the first galaxy note came out and i'd just about saved enough to get one, by then the note2 was on the horizon and i impatiently managed to hold off getting a note1 and save up more to get the note2. Im so glad i did as i absolutely luv my note2 as it has fully met all my expectations in its multi functions (im talking here 60+ downloaded android apps and 10+ widgets so far..) as a smart fone.
From your review of the note3 i can well imagine the GN3 will also meet my expectations. Ive never minded samsung's use of plastic backs, for me its all about what works and functions best, and i look forward to experiencing the note3's new leather-look back. However i have my note2 in a wallet along with my dollar bills an credit cards and am happy as to have them altogether in the one package. I would do the same with the note3 so wouldnt get to see much at all of the back of the fone.
All i need now to complete the package is digitize my keys to work off some remote control app then hopefuly i can dump the bulky clangy set of keys in my other pocket then i'll be all gud to go.
Francisco De Jesus
@Sidney Blondell The PDA/smarphone was first invented by Palm with their Treo family line. These Treos had a touch sensitive display and had office Docs to Go, Pocket Tunes for music cama ra video recording and could surf the web. The last models had WiFi. Palm also invented the Palm Pilot a successful PDA before that.
After that came Apple with the iPhone and the multitouch age on slabs smartphones in June 29, 2007 that Palm did not do until 2009 at CES with the Palm Pre.
Just remembering history.
Matt Rings
Happy Note II user: works well in my doctor office environment, both 4G/wifi, and fits in the back pocket of my jeans after hours. Battery lasts from 6AM to midnight with a full day of use (apps/talk).
And, I can actually use it for reading Kindle books... which the iPhone always seemed too small to do comfortably.
Love being able to plug in the Note to my PC/Mac and just drop-n-drag files (pics, video, music) without having to use iTunes anymore.
Doc Rings