I think I will go the iPhone 6 128GB just because my wife has an iPad and it's nice to share apps/accounts. Plus all my music is ripped from CDs in AIFF, which Android doesn't support. People ask me why I need/want such high quality music on a phone. Uncompressed streaming to my Yamaha Aventage receiver with Ascend Acoustics speakers. Convenience + quality = really good. I think the article is also right about Apple's NFC not being the first, but probably the first to take off. The wider support with third party devices, including CarPlay, reveals more industry support for Apple. Other than those benefits, I am not really a brand loyalist kind of guy. I wish there were even more choices on the market. Google, Apple, and Microsoft are all too big in my opinion, and really need some more competition for the benefit of the consumer.
Fred Crow
Wow its not even close. If you like point and shoot go Apple, if you want advantageous in nearly every other way, Note 4 is unquestionably the winner by far. Im glad the emotionally inclined and techno geeks who don't reason but are trying to use the bite of the fruit to come to some kind of irrational coolness are still going the way they do. It keeps the price down on the best of the market and there is more competition and I can side with the open and free market of Android and get what we want. Lets see line up and pay top dollar for the next disappointment still trying to catch up, or get a superior piece of technology where there is no limit of expansion and usable technology? Not even a difficult choice or need to ponder, its that clear.
Stephen Montez
Interesting article about both phones. Good reading material for those looking to get either phones.
Mike Holdr
great comparison Will!
Very disappointed the the 6+ doesn't have the 4K screen and 3gb RAM; Also very disappointed apple doesn't step up their game with their cameras!! 1.7mp front camera? really? and only 8mp for the main? yes, I know, better sensor blah blah blah - but you need a camera with more megapixels to take advantage of a great sensor and 8mp doesn't doesn't cut it anymore. I was really looking forward to getting an apple phablet...but....sadly disappointed and I will pass until 6S+ or whatever the hell they're gonna call the next one.
@Chevypower - I'm not sure what you mean about Android not supporting AIFF. There's nothing tricky about AIFF, and there are certainly audio players for Android that support it. AIFF and Wave are just PCM data files with a header, and it doesn't exactly take much for someone to write an app that supports either one.
Also, at this point, platform competition is hurting consumers more than they realize. The more split the platforms are, the less software developers can afford to target them. The same amount of work on our part reaches a smaller and smaller audience. So instead of innovating, we waste time rewriting the same old stuff over and over again. There was a lot more creativity and innovation from third party software developers whenever our audience was mostly grouped under a single OS or web platform and we could afford to push that platform to its limits.
Charles Hedberg
I'm going to stick with the Note series and upgrade to the Note 4 this winter. My old Note 2 has been rock solid and I just don't see myself giving up the Note features to get a lesser phone in the iPhone 6 Plus. If I'm going to get a new phone I want it to be an upgrade.
Rann Xeroxx
Both are way too expensive really. If you want a stylus then I think the Note is the only game in town but if you simply want a large screen smart phone, there are plenty out there now with similar specs for nearly 1/2 the price.
@Fred Crow
Apple wins on two huge fronts. 1. Ease of Use 2. Compatibility
I've looked at android phones before, specifically the note. Hardware-wise I'm impressed but several key non-Apple apps I use are not on android or are missing features. My other half has a Note 3, it's been replaced twice. I hear too much complaining about how stuff doesn't work.
I think Samsung uses Pentile OLED displays which is not the same as an RGB pixel so the number of pixels are not equivalent. This of course does not keep one from comparing them visually because ultimately that is how they are used. One other point is that typically it takes more power to drive an OLED to the same white point as an LCD which is one of the reasons Android allows you to use white text on black background as this saves power. Putting a larger battery in the phone of course can also compensate for this added power consumption.
This is the first true comparison I've ever seen. Great job!!!