Michele Li
I'm keeping my S3 and springing $40 for the wireless charger from Monster Watts and wait until the S5 comes out.
Dave Hargraves
well that is more like it 64GB and i can add more, that beats the z10 that is for sure. so now i can watch a bunch of movies at the lake without service finally. so now i can add a 32GB card that then can make it a 96GB wow now you guys are talking
Richard Hull
I'm due an upgrade. Can get an S3 for $50 from Staples at the moment. I'm going that route rather than paying over the odds for something that doesn't seem drastically better.
Tyler Kirwan
I have an S3 and I recommend it to anyone who will listen. I love the S4 but I don't think it's a big enough upgrade to spend the extra cash.
I just purchased the Galaxy Note-2 about 21-Days ago because of it's larger size like that of a Mini i-Pad and was hoping the new S-4 would come in a larger size like the Note-2, which i still have time to trade-in and take advantage of it's improved technological improvements & capabilities above that of the the Note-2... (Will i "Ever" be satisfied...???...Probably Not...!!!)
Ron Rossman
"Both phones ship in two variations, each with a different processor. For the Galaxy S3, the dual core model ships in North America and the quad core edition ships elsewhere. Will we see a similar split with the S4?"
Doubtful. The reason for the 2 versions of S3 was the quad-core processors and the LTE radio chipset didn't work nice together (at first). That's why the LTE versions of pretty much all the phones were dual-core.
Since that's been corrected, there'd be no need (or reason) really to use two different processors.
Jeff Goldstein
We have an S2 and S3 with over a year on their contracts. Since there is no trade-in policy it would be very expensive to change to S4's. I think a lot of people are in the same position. I would like to see all the Samsung phones have the availability of running the newest versions of Android for at least 2 or 3 years after they are sold. It is crazy to have to have to buy a new phone every year. Many of the new features of the S4 are in software. It sould not be to much to expect to have expensive smart phones have a usefull life of 2 years. Look how long Windows PC last and how many upgrades of Windows they can usually run.
The "plastic" is quite durable. Infact so much so that my Bushmaster M4 Carbon15 has its upper and lower receiver made of the same material. For tekies, its the NATO 5.56x45mm carbine.
Milton Pozo-Mazzini
"Is the Galaxy S4 a major upgrade over the Galaxy S3? Probably not. Much like Apple’s S-series phones (iPhone 3GS, 4S, and possibly 5S), the design doesn’t stray much from its predecessor."
We can stop with false reasoning since how a mobile device looks is not telling of it's enhancement. The S4 IS A MAJOR UPGRADE over the S3 and is in no way comparable to Apple's incremental upgrades to their iPhone. There is a strange belief that number of cores has little benefit to an end user, as if geeks are the only ones who know how to implement multiple cores. When you compare an S3 (Dual Core in the U.S.) to the Galaxy Note II (Quad Core) in terms of operational speed, gaming and video playback, the Note II destroys the S3. In terms of ease-of-use, the Galaxy Note II outperforms the Galaxy S3 due to the S Pen and it's hover functions. Now the Galaxy S4 has the same functionality without needing the S Pen while adding the ability to manipulate the home screen with the wave of your hand. And there are even more bells & whistles I would like to see in the Galaxy Note III such as a 1080p high-res screen.
Don't fall for Tech Pundits and their mass hysteria when it comes to any smartphone vs iPhone comparisons. They went after the Galaxy S3 and lost. Then they went after the Galaxy Note and lost again. They went after the Galaxy Note II and guess what? They ate their words yet again. Not learning from past mistakes they are making the Galaxy S4 sound like the iPhone 5 while praising the S3, the very smartphone they thought was no comparison to the iPhone. I have watched these people scramble to find any and all excuses to defend Apple and perhaps their mutual funds are the real reason.
Milton Pozo-Mazzini
Corrections to be made to this article assuming this post is even approved.
The S3 only ships in 16 & 32gb models despite statements to the contrary.
The S4 has 4G LTE, FTD LTE, KDLT & HSPA+ making it the first true global 4G phone.
The S4 features improved sensor arrays with two new sensors for IR and Temperature which allows not only hand gestures and eye scrolling but also a universal remote replacement as well as an array of accessories for the health freaks.
The S4 has an improved touch screen that allows contactless screen control and hover functions similar to the Galaxy Note II.