Pops Eagles
I must say 'my compliments Will'... one of the best unbiased analysis and straight forward reviews... that I personally have ever read. Thank you Wi!!
Warrick Smythe
Great review. Ta.
Spotify Bournville
Yeah we'll done mate. I like to read a review that is completely honest and detailed without taking the eye off from the main points.
My S3 suffered a tragic death and I didn't have the insurance for it so I have been slummin' it with my S1 waiting for the S4. I have a pre-order for a Verizon S4 but it doesn't ship till the end of May :( I considered other phones but the HTC One isn't available for Verizon and the DNA isn't on the level of the S4.
Terri Mason
I have a Samsung Galaxy Ace and my favourite feature is the Swype typing for text and email. This might be a "rube" question but, does the S4 have Swype? Honestly, that's why I went Samsung in the beginning...
Jorge Borges
I agree, this is a superb review. How would you say this device compares with the GS3? I'm ready for my upgrade but can't figure out if the S4 is much better or only a little better than the S3. One other thing I've bees struggling with is in regards to the size. I'm coming off of the original HTC Incredible, so I'm somewhat used to a smaller phone. In comparison to the S3 I know the S4 is larger but in your opinion is it more comfortable in your hand - because it's thinner?
Shabbir Azhar
Probably the most honest and realistic review on the net. Not over the top, and assessments were carefully thought out. Salute.
Your fix does nothing to solve the storage issue. It's a bigger problem than you make it sound. Your comments about the storage issue are completely misleading to people who are unaware. You make it sound like you're able to install apps on to the sdcard. Which you can't without rooting you're only able to put music, video, and photos on it. And for most people the roughly 8gb of internal storage you're left with after all of Samsung's software and carrier bloatware.. Will not be enough unless you want to deal with deleting apps all the time. That said I still pan on getting a 32 once it comes out.
Shawn Paul Boike
Wow, I recently bought the S3 & love it, went to a tear down event and Galaxy had more gadgets & better battery life over Iphone.
James Taylor
I get that is is a smartphone, but for me it's main purpose is to be a PHONE that is smart. The SIII antenna is weak causing me to drop calls and have rather poor reception. Does the S4 correct this very basic problem?