Interesting that even Gizmag fall for the AMOLED resolution "hoax". Where you in the AMOLED world count resolution of sub pixels (Pentile screen) instead of full pixels. If you have perfect vision and take a real look at the older S3 screen, you'll notice that while displaying computer generated graphics, you'll actually see the pixels, despite this screen having higher resolution than the iPhone looking at the specs. That you'll never see the pixels on the iPhone screen. The AMOLED is sharper than the iPhone LCD on resolution specs, but not in reality. The S4 screen has higher resolution, but it's still only on par with the iPhone, not sharper. In reality that is.. Also the brightness differs a lot, only 313 cd/m2 compared to 556 cd/m2 of the iPhone. This is something you'll notice for real while out in normal sunlight. At full brightness is draws a lot more power than the iPhone screen as well. Source: Real life and I thought Gizmag at least were more in depth when it came to these kind of details..
Graham HomeMaintenance
I have both Galaxy and iphone for work, the iphone is more difficult to navigate, it generally takes a better picture but looking at the above I noted the excess of red in the indoor pics, the iphones tend to last longer before needing recharging, I don't think the iphone is better and the restricted OS is annoying
Chris Goodwin
I find the picture comparisons unconvincing. Yes, the iPic is slightly warmer, or richer in tone - but is this a more accurate colouring than the Galaxy? There should be a third picture, taken with the very best camera available (not a smart phone camera) so that we could have a "truer" (?) view of just how brightly coloured that ball/patch of grass - "really" looks.
And then, and then, the magnificationS. The iPics are slightly more distant, revealing more background: and hence needing more magnification to show the close ups. So is their detail quality worse? If the degree of blow up is not the same, then the comparison is unfair.
But, of course, smartphone loyalties are pretty much ecclesiastical: it is a religion, and who wants to admit that their previous choice of Tweedledum over Tweedledee was not "smart" ? " - 'twas so! " " 'twas not " "... "
Island Architect
My daughter got "upgraded" into a Samsung device by a pushy salesman and now yearns for an iPhone again.
I suspect that's because she has an iPad as well.
Does that fit within the proverbial "System of things"?
Nothing like holding something "classy" in your hands.
Marco Corona
Since the majority of cell phone owners purchase cases to protect their phones, I find construction materials to be a silly and moot point when comparing cell phones.
conspicuous lack of revelation about the fingerprint hack. anyone who steals your iphone needs only some wood glue and a laser printer to log in (assuming you've left fingerprints on your phone, and lets face it, it was your phone. You have.)
The iPhone 5s is a great phone, no doubt but some of it's strengths are are also weaknesses. The case for example is superb, however that battery is completely sealed and non-serviceable as a result. Like literally ALL - as in every singe one - batteries start to fail to fully charge over time. Depending on usage and charging habits the battery can lose up to half is charge capacity or more before your phone's contract is up. Then it will need to be taken or sent to a qualified technician to replace the battery. This may not be a 'while you wait' proposition.
Second, hopefully everyone with an iPhone 5s will enable an alternate unlock method (if there is one) than the fingerprint sensor. Here's why: You've just been in a traffic accident. You try to clear your head and find your phone to call for help. You cut your hands while searching through all the shattered glass particles for your phone. You're bleeding. Perhaps not only from the cuts on your fingers. You try to use the fingerprint sensor and it can't read your print through the blood on your fingers. You pass out.
Third, sooner or later all passwords are exposed due to some party's negligence be it Apple or a third-party's app authentication. Passwords can be changed. If at some point your fingerprint data is compromised you may experience some difficulty changing your fingerprint...
Peter Breis
I really don't understand how the most glaring difference, the Super AMOLED blue-grey screen gets so over looked. It is not just a little difference, it is a big difference, particularly if you are trying to take photos.
I actually got roped into an argument settler in a NY subway between some guy and his girlfriend. They flashed their iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4 at me and asked which had the better screen I pointed at the iPhone without thinking. It was my instinctive reaction that stopped the girlfriend in her tracks, it had been getting quite heated apparently.
The odd thing is that it is males who are usually color blind or insensitive. Now it seems that there is a whole new class of color blind Samsung customers who sweep aside any personal perception, swallowing the marketing hype and the obvious "but its bigger!"
How does that old Jewish joke go?
"The food here is terrible!" "Yes, and such small portions!!"
Sam Joy
Why is it that on some of the photos that on one the iPhone & S4 has good color and low noise, then on another the reverse is true for both in opposites. its hard to discern which of the two are better at true colors reproductions, nor even the noise from the photos are constant from either phone?, is it because the phone were not place in the exact environment of lighting, light angles of reflection, height & distance from subject??....I think if we were to take the same phone in shots of 10 seconds apart, after walking away and then returning to same spot to take next shot you would have same inconsistencies!, if you are going to do comparison testing of this type then the way you do the test will make the results near worthless!, sorry to be so critical, but given I was a Test Engineer for 28 years it makes me cringe when I see these types of inconsistencies!, for a person wanting to make a decision on either phone this could be a deal breaker if data is not pure to the test.
Worrying about the iPhone 5s' Touch ID hack is unwarrented. Besides the fact that the phone is worth more than any information stored on it, unless you work for the CIA or such, your common theif is not going to take the time. It is much quicker for them to find a mark on craigslist to sell the phone to and make with the cash. Most theives that feel they need to steal a phone are usually "opportunity theift" crimminals who are not that high tech. Just some food for thought.