Bull Moose
A lot more expensive then the GT & not as good looking.
Guy Macher
For a million dollars, I could make a Yugo perform. Yes, this car is gorgeous but it's not worth a million.
They don't tell us how tall it is. This is important information when we're talking Ford GT(40)
Jon Smith
Pin, Only the original 60's GT 40 was under 40 inches tall the Ford GT (note they left out the 40 part) was actually 43 inches tall. Anyway what a beautiful car... oh wait I just saw the interior... Seriously the original GT 40 (which this article doesn't mention) and the re-imagined 2000's Ford GT are stunning cars, this not so much even if you exclude that down right terrible interior.
These guys should stick to engines and drive trains. Better to leave the design work to the purists rather than those hoping not to be sent a cease and desist letter.
Timothy Rohde
Start here: http://www.superformance.com/gt40.aspx Add $800K. Kick the tar out of this thing.
Gregg Eshelman
If those are metal rings in the cushion, don't get in it while wearing shorts on a sunny day.
Another ridiculous “let them eat cake” car for the billionaire set. A huge waste of money and know how; silly, shocking and sad.
John Findlay
Does Megan Fox need plastic surgery to look better ? NO and neither does the Ford GT ! Please Ford just re-start production on the GT PLEASE !!!!!!!
Stephen N Russell
I say worth 100K minimum. For 1M Id better have GPS & road map, backup camera & roadside service etc etc. Or Maint Plan.