I think that pealing the Geckskin away is both providing the right shearing force and like tearing a phone book in half applying the force to only a tiny portion at a time.
I bet 3M executives are shaking in their boots worried that this might actually make it to market and destroy the market for their lines of VHB and other adhesive tapes. Either that, or they\'re already getting their lawyers ready to negotiate for the licensing rights to this technology.
Looks like a great way to tear off paint or wallpaper, whose grip on the wall up to now needed only to support its own weight. If the wall has been repainted more than once, better be sure it was really well sanded in between.
I\'ll stick with wallplugs, thanks... Will they accept claims like \"TV broken because your sticky pad failed\". I can see the small print forming before my eyes!
Mark Keller
It\'s probably more likely that this product will be used to adhere the same smalll things that 3M tapes, Velcro strips and various kinds of glues do now instead of adhering 100+ lbs of TV on the wall.
Gee, a DARPA funded project at U of Mass - that would seem to indicate that government, not private industry, has made a very significant breakthrough innovation. I often wonder how many government funded innovations have enabled our 1% \"job creators\" to make so much money and just where companies like Apple, Facebook, GM, Exxon, etc... would be without government funded projects and infrastructures. Bearing the costs of long-term research is something that most companies cannot do, but government does so well, for the good of all.
I wonder how fast \"negligible effort\" will turn to \"Herculean task\" when you\'re trying to peel the Geckskin off the wall while your TV, or its mounting frame, is blocking your access to the Geckskin so you can\'t get at it to perform the removal process.
Super heroes of the world! We can now climb walls with negligible effort, leaving strength for crime fighting! Oh rapture!
NFL players can now stick this on their hands and never drop a ball again.
Dawar Saify
A 42 inch tv or lcd?, was it simply upside down, or actually held like the position of a tv on a stand?