Not a new concept. The Bikestream bicycle-mounted pressurized system was trademarked and sold in 1989, followed by the Aquastream from the same company, now defunct.
Nice idea but it's an expensive way to solve the problem when you can already improve flow for free:
For a hydration sack in a big rucksack ===================== 1. Make sure the sack is full and at the top of the rucksack. The higher it is the easier the water flows. 2. If there are other (non-sharp) items about the sack, it will squeeze it and give you a bit of pressure.
For either a rucksack OR a single purpose item like above ==================================== 1.When you find you have lost a bit of pressure and have to suck, just blow a couple of breathes in to the bag. Once the air has pushed the water in the tube back it inflates part of the sack. This gives it pressure and there's no more sucking.
Cost: Free Ease: Very easy Problems: None - been doing it for years and never had problems.
Dawar Saify
Also better to have a spring based pressurising system. This system on top in one container, the lower enclosed container with the water. Or, have the pumping system just outside in reach to pump while trekking when the pressure is low.
A solution in search of a need and market. On the trail, KISS applies if you want to survive or just reliably have a drink of water.
WOW look at all of the boobirds. I have a Rig 1600 and I love it! I had a couple Camelbaks that I thought I was in love with till the bladders grew mold in them. I went through three bladders before giving GEIGERRIG a try. @ComedyBill Blowing into the tube does create pressure but who are you going to share with after you mix your saliva with the water? I think that this is why my drink tube and bladder always gets moldy.... I blew into my friends tube to show her how to pressurize the bladder and she dumped the water out. \"that\'s gross\" I bought my pack at REI and they were comparable in price to the Camelbaks there.

@Letmehike - If they are really comparable in cost that\'s great. But I can see replacing gas as being a bit of a pain (just another thing to do).
Only a tiny bit of water will come in to contact with your [highly toxic] air and surely on a standard sack OR this super-duper one - the water still comes through the hole you suck!?
As for mould prevention, here\'s a few ideas:
1. Regularly clean your sack and hose with sterilising tablets (e.g. Milton) 2. Keep water in the system with NO AIR (got one at home that\'s been lying for months and no mould) 3. Drain it all and store it in the freezer
@Comedy bill or you could just save yourself the pain and expense of buying a cleaning kit and just turn the bladder inside out and throw it in the dishwasher. simple facts: I have owned both and I like the GEIGERRIG better because in-line filtration, reversible bladder that I can throw in the DISHWASHER and the pressurization. If you have not even owned a GEIGERRIG then why would you be arguing these points? Go buy one and try it before knocking it. BTW, I registered the mountain passport that came with the pack and went to Angel Fire, Brundage, Alpine Meadows and Brenton Woods ski resorts for FREE. What other pack gives you that option?
@Letmehike - you\'re right, I don\'t own one of these and therfore maybe can\'t see what i\'m missing... But while I have several standard bladders and cleaning tools, I might as well use them till they\'re broken!
As for the mountian pass - I\'d need a rather expensive plane ticket first anyway...
I have a Rig 1600 and have been very pleased with it. The quality is very good and it does what it is supposed to do. The spray function comes in very handy, especially when riding in the desert in 40C heat and you want to cool down a bit :) Also, I.M.H.O. how a manufacturer stands behind their product is just as important as the product itself. In this regard GEIGERRIG was exceptional to me.
Juston Preble
I always wondered why CamelBak was so popular. I hate cleaning mine. A dishwasher friendly pack makes a lot of sense. I\'ll be stopping by REI soon to get my fountain pack...