Racqia Dvorak
Forget Mighty Mouse, I\'m thinking Captain America.
Dread Zontar
Mighty Mouse be damned; we want Universal Soldier!
Jay Barone
I could easily see a large amount of people being born with genetic engineered advantages like this in the future. And more and more people coming on board so that they and their children will not be left behind.
Ron Paul 2012!
Bob Ehresman
Too ready for the \"no rules\" olympics.... :-)
John Buttimer
Well, this opens up a new realm for us to live on other planets, and even lets us live in space longer.
Nick Ward
John makes a great point here. With study pointing to the detriment of muscle in null gravity situations, this might be a way to combat the long-term effects of planetary orbit or extended space travel. Now if they could unlock the key to bone growth then this little hypothesis might be a step closer to completion.
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals (NY USA) made these 10 years ago! They have made other types as well, including mice with fully human immune systems!
When does Terminator production begin?
Mr Stiffy
And the trade offs are?
Most people age and get decrepit totally from the lack of activity and the lack of hard exercise, and not unexpectedly - from eating junk foods.
Look up Youtube exercise aging raw food gym etc.. and there are people in their 70\'s and 80\'s and way beyond who are in brilliant condition.
David Leithauser
My questions is, what is the benefit of this gene that they are suppressing? There must be some evolutionary benefit to the gene, or it would not be part of our DNA. Perhaps it causes fat production instead of muscle production, since fat might actually be more useful than muscle in a primitive environment where the food supply is irregular. Of course, that environment does not exist any more in the developed world, so the gene is essentially obsolete here. Still, while I love the idea of genetically engineering a race of super people, it is important to know exactly what you are giving up when you start messing with genes.