Don Martin
A bike dedicated to commuters apparently without the possibility to attach a luggage rack? Did they ever observe commuters at all?
Stick to cars.
Jeff Goldstein
The bikes aren't anything special but are way overpriced. I am still waiting to see a mass produced e-bike selling for under $1,000. Battery technology just isn't very good yet. Someone needs to find a way to mass produce rechargeable batteries for a lot less money than currently.
Huh - my entry to name them was "GM-E" - pronounced "gimmee".
Far better than "ARIV".
I'm curious what percentage of ebikes are foldable? I've seen a handful of ebikes in the wild and in bike racks outside offices but none of them are foldable. I get that people are less likely to put a foldable bike in a bike rack than a normal one but I know a couple people that use electric scooters for portability. These seem to fill a small expensive niche between ebikes and electric scooters which have both come a long way recently. Electric scooters are easy to fold. I think an electric scooter with larger diameter wheels would be interesting in that space because potholes and curbs are unforgiving on the tiny wheels most scooters use.
Too expensive; and being typical of GM it is ugly as heck. Makes the Bolt look - no, wait - the Bolt is still nauseating. 👀
No luggage rack and NO shock absorption. Oh yeah, I want an overpriced load like this. Wake up, GM.
So the company that killed the electric car the first time round want to create an electric bike. I suppose they want to make it garbage too.
I think that is an interesting design for an e-bike. It seems rather expensive. One would hope that it would be less expensive since it is coming from GM. Perhaps get a discount when one buys a GM BEV?
Who would buy it - a toy for rich people? China sells nice usable ebikes for $500.