Christoffer Sperling
Talk about keeping an animal in a tight lash.. How would you feel being watched on videocamera all the time? Even though dogs are "just" animals, don´t they still deserve the right of freedom? I mean I would feel like I lived in a prison if I was tracked all the time. Freedom of choice - whether to stay or not to, even dogs should have that choice yea?
I\'ll try to skip on past the petit bourgeois heartache of keeping an eye on your dog.
Here in the States, one of the usual reasons for your dog companion going missing is theft - or dognapping for ransom.
I\'d consider one of these collars as long as there was a version that didn\'t identify itself as a tracking device. For that would tell the average crook - even here in New Mexico - that coppers could use it to track down the doggy hostage.
Anthony's Ranch The Guy
will it fit my Boy?
How do I teach my dog to keep his phone charged up?
You can get a new dog for less than $500. Would you spend $2500 for an alarm for a $1000 car? Also, dogs require a licence in most states. As soon as he is found, animal control will return him. That\'s our tax dollars at work.
Richie Suraci
What my cat we like to track him too??????
Bryan Paschke
@pizzaeater: first, there are many dogs that cost thousands. But, even assuming a dog pound mutt, the initial cost of the dog is the smallest part of your investment. There\'s the time and effort you put into training, the emotional investment, the various shots and alterations (spay/neuter) etc.
As for the person who says let doggie have his freedom, he\'s your child, not your partner.
PizzaEater, I hope you don\'t own a dog. It\'s a pet, a friend, a family member... they can\'t be replaced by simply buying another one. You have no compassion; you have no understanding of the issue.
Brilliant. I want one for my former salesmen.
Mark Wilkinson
Christoffer, so long as you tell the dog it is only an ordinary collar, they\'ll never know! My dog is easy to fool.