Marius Gruita
Crasy Bike, insane biker, nice article!
Tim Pattinson
Mr Stiffy
I have seen this idiots videos, and seeing him ride his bike through city streets and suburban areas, and in traffic at 200 to 300Kmh, running red lights etc, having so many near misses, putting so many innocent lives in danger - I tell you what, I\'d like to get hold of him and break his n... help him see the error of his ways.
I am really sorry the cops were not able to kill him outright in a chase, when they tried to block his escape.
He would have made a good hood ornament.
He is an idiot and a dangerous one.
LOL - so poetic - breaks all the laws to make movies, then gives away his bike in protest to viewers breaking laws by downloading his movie for free.
Bill Bennett
I know EMTs, they call them donorcycles, this clown is a organ donor waiting for the place to happen, hope he does not take normal people with him when it happens
You all sound like a fun bunch of people.
I don\'t condone breaking the law or putting other peoples lives at risk, which is why I choose to take it to the race track, but wishing death on someone or calling those of who like to ride fast bikes donors, shows the depth of your character, and the level at which you understand anything. I also hate to inform you, that risk takers are the people that move society forward. If it weren\'t for people like us who were willing to take risks and do things you might not (probably never will) understand, you would all still be living in caves banging sticks together.
Have a lovely day all you pleasant, fun-loving individuals. LOL
With that much power output during his stunts I\'m surprised he didn\'t run out of fuel while police were giving pursuit. I agree that he isn\'t helping anyone with his stunts. Arrest should be not too much of a challenge for a real police force either by the above stated reason or by him trying to collect on his lottery. It would seem as if the police are not really interesting in arresting him. How does one evade aerial pursuit? Surely he brags about his exploits to someone, right? with enough cash reward, someone will come forward. Maybe he has to kill a child first. Just goes to show that skill and intelligence do not necessarily go together. Too bad he doesn\'t just race Pro. or maybe he does.
Kim Scholer
@ gizmaniac; There\'s a line between taking risks in exploring new frontiers and taking risks that may well end the lives of people not even being asked to participate in whatever high-risk game someone want to play. Ghost Rider crossed that line again and again. Much as I admire his skills beind the handlebar, the picture of him and his bike hitting a car (with - say - a family with kids) going 200 kph slower than him was all too realistic.
Those of us wishing he\'d been caught early on do not oppose taking risks (otherwise none of us would be riding motorcycles in the first place.) If he had only risked his own life, no one would have raised hell about his exploits.
I think he`s a genius. Fact: He hasn`t killed anyone. He`s a far better rider than many bikers on the planet. He has faster reaction times than most and therefore is able to pull off the kind of stunts that he does. If you haven`t seen any of his Uppsala freeway missions, I suggest you do. Sure it`s highly illegal etc but he`s not an idiot, more of a highly skilled biker who happens to enjoy taking taking chances and is skilled enough to get away with it. Ghost Rider, whoever you are, shot for the awesome footage mate. You`re a true entertainer.
Iván Imhof
Apollo19: He isn\'t a superhuman. And humans used to make mistakes. Even extremely skilled ones. He has no right to endanger others just to chase his own egoistic wishes to be famous. His luck will not last forever...