Charles Gaines
I could swear I\'ve seen this thing before. Looks really familiar anyway.
With the potential US military cut-backs it doesn\'t stand a GHOST of a chance !!!
Awesome technology !!!
Flipider Comm
Charles Gaines. You saw something like this in a Jame Bond movie.
Gavrilo Bozovic
... and what you saw in the James Bond movie was another American prototype.
As for supercavitation, I guess it works similarly as the Russian Shkval supercavitating torpedo:
In this case, the exhaust of its turbopumps is fed from the point of the torpedo, creating a bubble that surrounds it, and allows it to \"fly\" through water at 400kts.
@Charles Gaines : maybe Street Fighter the movie ? As far as I can remember it looked pretty much the same.
Cristi Eftinoiu
Looks a lot like US NAVY\'s stealth ship Sea Shadow from \'84.
Alan Belardinelli
My understanding is that supercavitation is very loud through sonar.
Mack McDowell
It looks like the little mining ship you pilot in Descent :p
My first reaction was a creepy sort of deja-vu.. like the last thing you would see before an attack. ..And Alan, as a musician with some experience in acoustical engineering, I\'d be curious as to why it would be so loud to sonar .. my guess is the air pocket acts as a resonance chamber.. correct?