There are no \"ghost\" outside of ones imagination, but there is something to be aware of. It is true \"You can\'t destroy energy\" - that is why when we die our life force goes out with our last breath and we return to the dust or elements we are made with. When we are cremated, we still end up as ashes or elements. The invisible realm does have living and powerful wicked spirit forces which take delight in misleading mankind. Why are they here? What is their purpose? Will they ever be destroyed? The answers are easy to find. And peace of mind and a happy future is your reward by searching for the truth.
@Gizmag, this article is an incredible disappointment. I was really hoping that you\'d tear into these gadgets and expose them as the snake oil they are. For a media organization that loves all the techie details of things, I can\'t believe you accepted the legitimacy of this crap at face value without even asking twice how it worked. The people selling these \"tools\" are scam artists of the highest degree, and you are doing nothing except helping them scam more innocent, ignorant people.
I would hope that the population demographic that takes the time to read this website would be smart enough to realize how absurd all of these gadgets are.
Every single one those useless gadgets was created based on ridiculous assumptions about the supposed behavior and compositions of ghosts. The creators fail to realize no one knows anything about ghosts (because they don\'t exists), therefor making tools based on what you think they are, usually based on traditional folklore, is silly and a waste of time. Starting from square one, considering no one knows anything about them, is the only rational option.
And if anyone thinks they do know anything about ghosts, or that they have proved they exist, please contact James Randi. He has a million big ones waiting for you.
What is going on in the American education system these days??? Over 40% of Americans think that the Theory of Evolution is false when it\'s an established fact!
And now almost half of them believe in ghosts? These guys are supposed to be world leaders but almost half of them are.... what\'s the word I\'m looking for?
Yes, we are made of energy & matter. So are all living organisms. Does that prove a one celled organism has a soul? Or that a soul exists? Or that it is eternal? No, no, and no. As Tesla proved, energy is everywhere. Is it conscious? Does it communicate? No! The burden of proof is on the ghost busters. A burden not met.
The proper response to ridiculous claims based on pseudo explanations is laughter, not a suspension of reason and a pretend scientific report. We have plenty of real mysteries that are infinitely more interesting and entertaining.
I liked the article because it shows the gadgets, and HOW they sell them. The interesting thing is I find those gadgets very useful per se...
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@ warren52nz: the THEORY of evolution is not the Established Fact of evolution it\'s a THEORY. Darwin observed one species of bird adapting to it\'s changing eco system. One species has never been observed giving birth to any other species. If you believe man evolved from apes, why do we still have apes?

Check out anything from Kent Hovind (on YouTube). He\'s a weird geeky guy that has a dry sense of humor but has a lot of good information.
warren52nz Just a quick FYI it\'s still referred to as the the THEORY of evolution not the FACT of evolution. I\'m just say\'n...... :-)
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This is really scary stuff. I\'m naturally not afraid of the ghosts but the US citicens. Their votes generate a president with control over the most powerful military organisation in the world.
Grant Garrison
OMFG! You people with these denigrating and ignorant comments! 1) It\'s a great article. 2) These gadgets and gizmos are very common and work great for their intended application. 3) None of you can disprove the existence of ghosts. 4) None of YOU are experts in ANY field related to the use of these instruments. 5) Ghost are real. Not only have I seen many personally, but also have been involved in several scientific studies/experiments (some will be published soon). 6) Nobody made any \"Claims\" about these products - Merely the observation that these items MAY and ARE being used for such applications as \'ghost hunting\' 7) Tesla did NOT disprove the existence of ghosts - In Fact.... his theories point TOWARD their existence. 8) You\'re dumb. ...and senselessly mean.