It would be cool if it drifted and blocked the harbors around DC--perhaps then Trump would see the reality of global warming eh?
10ft - LOL - more like 10cm maybe, if they're lucky.
Our planet is already 2/3 water, and the total above-sea ice in that little blip down the bottom, divided by all the sea surface area, results in an increase so mall is it UNMEASURABLE.
This is basic junior school maths people. Why does nobody ever check any of these garbage alarmist claims?
That was not a report - it clearly states "This document is the outcome of a community science meeting held September 16-19, 2015"
You can't cobble together a bunch of interested community people, and make up random numbers (their 3.3m claim, aside from being 100x larger than reality, is totally unexplained or justified anyplace in there), and take that seriously.
3.3m is not an "estimate", it's a incorrect opinion from someone at a community meeting!
I take it nobody actually read the article then. The 10ft (3.3m) clain is not for a single iceberg (even as big as this one is going to be), they said it is for a COMPLETE COLLAPSE OF THE AREA in the next few decades or centuries depending upon the rate of thinning.
Sometime in the next 100 years there will be a major volcanic eruption(maybe Yellowstone) that will push the climate the other way or a major earthquake with a giant tsunami that cleanses the coast lines of much of the world. At that time all man's puny efforts will come to nothing. Every time I read about global warming I am reminded "Of the best laid plans of mice and men".
I guess the shelf is floating - right? The break away more has to do with the structural stability. Maybe also with a higher flow rate of warm water to the arctic region to cool down - this would say that the density is lower and the lifting force of the floating shelf is lower - so it sinks into the water deeper - causing the break. Glaciers in the Alps for example vanish not because the go down the slope faster - in fact they are melting faster because of global warming. This says also that a huge summer cooling source is lost and temperatures in Europe will rise mach more than in already hot regions.
Much is made of the ice shelf "blocking" the glaciers that created it. Such blocking can never be permanent -- the ice has to go somewhere! That pressure is the force that pushed the ice shelf out until it HAD to break. So, where is all that ice coming from -- surely there's a way to spin that into a panic... because everything that happens is a cause for panic, right?
Steven Flax
How extensive is the mass of ice that will shortly fall off? How many square miles? How deep is the piece of ice that will fall off? A thousand feet? Thank you for the info (which the story should have provided).
Douglas Bennett Rogers
As the ice gets thicker, the pressure and temperature at the base of the ice increase and the ice melts and moves faster.
So many intelligent comments, here. Kudos to Christopher, Bob, and piperTom.
The Global Warm-mongers will use ANYTHING to support their grab for power over the rest of humanity.