When Apple released its wireless AirPods in late 2016 it sounded like a clarion call across the audio world. Headphone jacks are out, wireless is the future. And 2017 gave us an assortment of great new wireless, and wired, headphones to take your tunes to the streets.

The wired world

Those happy in their wired world and willing to spend up on the best should grab these high end Sennheiser headphones. They go for $499. At the other end of the spectrum the best budget headphones we can spot are the AKG Pro Audio at a nifty $49.

Wireless headphones

Wireless, over-ear headphones are probably our favorite type of headphone and if you take your listening seriously you'll want to shell out on Sennheiser's wireless HD 1 model going for a neat $399. An alternative (and a favorite of many in our office) are the Bose QuietComfort headphones – solid noise cancellation at a reasonable $349.

At the cheaper end of the spectrum Skullcandy has a solid set of wireless over-ear cans that should do the job for many people at an affordable $69.

Wireless earbuds

For those with a penchant for earbuds it's wireless all the way this year and the Sennheiser Wireless HD 1 for $149 are a pretty good deal if you don't mind the neck wrap around. Otherwise, for a little less you can grab the Bose SoundSport at $129, a well-priced mid-range model.

And for about $169 you can get some tidy little Bragi earbuds that disappear into your ear. For those keeping the iPhone spirit alive, the AirPods will set you back $159 and certainly keep you entirely in the Apple ecosystem.

All prices are accurate at time of writing and quoted in USD.

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