Your pet is part of the family so it should receive its fair share of holiday gifts right? OK, so most of these gifts are really things to make your own life easier, but that's important too this holiday season. So get some pet tech into your life...

Pet Treat Cameras

A giant market has popped up in recent years with a variety of pet cameras that dispense treats to keep your little buddy occupied while you are at work. For dogs we have the Furbo, a treat dispenser with dog bark tracking and two-way communication for $249. At the same price is the Kittyo, basically similar but for cats and with a laser pointer toy to keep your feline friend busy.

Pawbo is a more straightforward model, not aligned with any type of pet and selling for $179. And at the fancy end of the spectrum you'll find PetChatz running for $324, including a two-way camera so your pet can see your face.

Keep them busy

Fetch is a great way to keep your dog busy but you'll probably get over throwing the ball before they do. At $199, iFetch Too is a great little gadget that automates the whole process and a super small portable version, the iFetch Frenzy Mini at only $39, now offers a cheaper entry point into the auto-fetch game.

For cats who love to chase laser pointers, the PetSafe Bolt should do the job nicely at just $17.95. And our all-time favorite cat toy, the Cat Scratch Turntable at $26.95 is still the best gift you can give yourself for your cat.

GPS and fitness trackers

Sometimes it is good to know where your pet is, and if they are wandering too far from home. The Whistle GPS tracker, for $59, is a handy long-distance tracker for those pets keen to wander off. And to monitor your pet's activity grab a FitBark, essentially a FitBit for your pooch, selling for $69.

At the cheaper end of the spectrum is the Tuokiy Pet Tracker for $29, a thin and light option for some pet fitness tracking.

All prices are accurate at time of writing and quoted in USD.

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