The past year has been a significant one in the world of home projectors. We have seen both 4K and laser projectors become affordable prospects when previously they have been absurdly expensive luxury items. New and impressive products from LG and Optoma have also made projectors a viable alternative to a big screen TV.

The latest highlights

Two great new 4K projectors hit the market in 2017. Sony released a new model of its 4K HDR projector at an impressive $4998, and Optoma changed the game when it launched its 4K UHD model for just $1,799.

LG launched two stylish new models in 2017, an economical and impressive laser projector for $1,296, and a fantastically useful short-throw projector for $1,796.

The mini-projectors

Tiny projectors have been evolving rapidly and becoming useful little gadgets instead of tiny novelty devices. Optoma's IntelliGO projector is a handy new model going for $399. The other two mini-projector highlights are the latest LG minibeam for $456 and the Sony pico going for $399.

The budget bargains

Those without the big bank account to burn still have plenty of bargain models to choose from. Optomo's HD27 is a solid bargain at $589 while the Viewsonic PJD is also one of the best mid-range deals on the market at the moment, going for $529.

Slightly more expensive but still a solid deal is the BenQ HT1075, selling for decent $739.

All prices are accurate at time of writing and quoted in USD.

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