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Gizmag Audience Survey
Gizmag Audience Survey
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Gizmag Audience Survey
Gizmag Audience Survey

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Go Gizmag! Thanks for keeping articles single-pages.
Bill Bennett
I think you should allow users to comment on other user posts with a + or - system for example Slowburn, he is always posting the opposite of my troll posts with his troll posts, umm I love this site, always consice, info only, though any Motorcycle stuff gets serious headlines, yep, you guys like donor cycles
Inappropriate Response
The quality of this site is comparable to the new scientist in its style and maturity of articles. The biggest downfall is the petty, fanboyish comments that have only recently started to appear. Seeing as all comments are reviewed, I don't understand why this isn't being addressed. I've stopped coming here as often because of this.
Gizmag has been my primary source of innovations technology updates for the past 7 years. I find it rather less geeky and nerdy than some gizmo sites that concentrate on everything silly and geeky. My opinion is that Gizmag has its fair shair of gizmos plus some other more substantial content. This magazine has a good layout that is not cluttered with nonsence flash and most importantly it loads up easily as the pages are kept in a simple layout and it works in countries where PCs are old and basic. IMO, Gizmag could do with a little less comparisons of smartphones(I mean isn't a smart phone already wonderful and splitting hairs does not really improve the world, but an earthen pot that cooks with energy from the sun can benefit a whole lot of poor people). And while some authors occasionally write nonsence, they tend to do a great job, on the whole. Syabas, Gizmag. May you keep us informed for very much longer And may you play your role in improving the earth by educating us and the younger generations on more earth saving innovations.Your magazine has also inspired me to be much more innovative That's it, Innovations and not gizmos, that's Gizmag..
Great source of leading edge technology, do like the one page format to get an idea of the technology of a new concept or product but, would be good if you could drill deeper if more information is available. Comments, would be good to have up and down flags, agree/disagree...
From a Web Business perspective, I think GizMag could actually charge a small subscription fee for paid Users who would get access to an Ad Free environment / newsletter. That may actually be more lucrative than Advertising income. Content-wise: I value and encourage GizMags coverage of the broad array of technologies they write about, and would be disappointed if they chose to focus only on a limited subset of fields (such as military-security, cellular or other narrow, specific tech types). The magazine 'Popular Mechanics' lost my interest when they became a mouthpiece for Military tech and ignored everything else. Their issues should be FULL of information about 3D printing, for example, but their coverage is very limited. GizMag: please keep a broad platform. Otherwise, personally, I think "the petty, fanboyish comments that have only recently started to appear" are a sign of a growing readership, and are unavoidable. I'm not sure what the specific comments are that 'Inappropriate Response' has in mind, but if the reader Comments are what you focus on, and can turn you off the site, you're clearly missing the point (or I am).
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