Well, that's not going to happen. Can the panel now be disbanded please? It's getting warmer. Yawn. Deal with it, because nothing's going to stop it.
Rusty Harris
Oh we go again, more "man made" global warming nonsense. Let's see...when I was in high school in the 70's, there was going to be a new ice age. In the early 90's Algore said we had 10 years, then Ted Danson said we had until 2010. Now these clowns say we have until 2030. No one believes it, save for those indoctrinated into this junk science. People with 1/2 a brain know the weather patterns on this planet are tied to the output and changes due to the 11 year solar cycle on that tiny little star 93 million miles away.
The Australian government has proved time and again that it doesn't care about climate change or the environment. Politicians only care about their own future, If they upset the voters by taking away jobs or even small luxuries they will get voted out and they don't want that. We've had 7 Prime Ministers in the last 10 years! If the morons cant even decide on a leader we have no chance at tackling climate change. Time to invest in eco domes....
Derek Howe
We should and are transitioning to cleaner future, because everyone likes to breathe clean air. We don't need this hocus pocus science telling us were killing the Earth. Also, the Earth is ours to do with, as we please.
Modern society will never be able to afford to convert our industrial base and lifestyle over to environmentally friendly means because our population keeps growing faster than we can rebuild. But we can not talk about who these people are out of fear.
Mother nature always wins.... don't bother with life insurance.
The human race is faced with its first survival hurdle in its relatively short evolution and people are just totally failing. It is not a case of what is convenient, or politically expedient, it is pretty much WW-III on our doorstep, where we ourselves are the enemy, and only mobilising every individual, corporation, and nation to fight against it, will we survive.
It is not a case of it "getting a bit warmer"; it is a case of climate extremes making agriculture no-longer viable. Do we have to wait for the supermarket shelves to be empty for people to wake up? Fortunately the majority of people I speak to are not as fatalistic, or apathetic as some commentators here, and there is a growing number of people who realise the time for change is now.
So, 2°C means a "higher level of acidity", which actually means a lower level of alkalinity. Currently, the ph of the oceans generally varies between 7.5 and 8.5. It's alkaline and even the alarmists at IPCC don't predict it going below 7 (neutral). But it sounds SO much worse to say "acidification" rather than "neutralization"! For the IPCC (and most journalists), alarm is the goal; we don't want people to consider the titanic cost of our grand schemes to "do something".
Mike Vidal
Didn't you run a story about how perturbations in the earths orbit and spin axis, along with the variability of the suns output have a far greater influence on climate than man?
I remember a recent research that concluded forests are much more effective against Global Warming than any other method!
So, how about a global effort/agreement to increase forests as much as possible (but in a well planned way that is highly resistant against forest fires)!