And who *wouldn't* want to spend give-or-take a million, top up the tanks (another ten grand?) and then bulldoze their way into deep wilderness, get stuck for lack of fuel, and abandon ship after running out of ammo and propane. Ahhh, the fun. And everybody meeting me as I follow a deer trail in this will just love me.
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I love the concept of a 'go anywhere' vehicle that is impervious to just about anything all the while providing a very comfortable standard of living in the harshest of environments, and who wouldn't. I'm guessing that if you can afford one of these monsters then you're probably not too worried about the running costs but all the same... I don't like the interior at all, it is all very European and well I suppose it would be with what I consider to be a 'cheep' look, but for the money I would like a bit more luxury and for it to not feel like I had just walked into someones IKEA fantasy. All those sharp corners are too harsh for my tastes and worry me. I guess that you would need a special license to drive this thing?
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Hope they produce enough for demand Love to rent one & probe Brazil but need an amphib model Ideal for No Canada area & maybe So Pole. Chile, Africa to explore.
Apps for Search Rescue Rescue MedEvac supplies Ranger patrol? ( Africa, etc locales) Lifeguard Beach: carry equip to posts in remote locales Media Mobile Lab: archelogy etc? Tourism adventure
How do you find gas stations out in the boonies?
Everybody should get one of these, just think how much faster that we can screw up the environment with these and it just costs several times the average stationary home but who cares. A great way to show the world what an uncaring, and greedy consumer that you are.
So much for treading lightly. Anyone who buys such a vehicle should be ashamed. It absolutely separates the traveler from the environment, and adds to the destruction of such. How much CO2, particulates, sulfates, plants and animals destroyed in it's wake, erosion from it's tires, and the energy and materials used to build this decadent behemoth are produced or wasted to pamper the rich who can't go without air conditioning or a soft bed (actually, a camp air mattress is more comfy than a traditional spring mattress IMHO)? This is very much just a status symbol! It says, "#@$% you poor people!". If you can't handle the elements, don't leave your home. If you want to experience nature and don't know how to do so, hire the native population to help you enjoy it. Your trip will be far more memorable!
I will enjoy watching the One Percent joyfully and heartlessly rampage across the landscape, thrilling to the exhileration of commanding so much awsone power, knowing that the runiation of pristine, delicate habitat only amplifies the magnitude of their self righteous indulgence and entitlement. It's like the priveledge of dining on the delicacy of the very last member of an endangered species.
The hatred of the rich is just stupid. There are roads that you need a vehicle like this if they are going to take a mobile home over them. What is wrong with creature comforts while looking to see if you're doing any good with your donations to improve lives. And what is wrong with enjoying a vacation.
Agree with many of the comments here- its ridiculously over-sized for an overland vehicle (unless for open desert)
However, over 700 bhp on an 18 ton truck seems ridiculously overpowered- especially when you take into consideration 'torque multiplication' provided by the low range gearing that would be necessary on an off-roader. Bear in mind this is a very large diesel engine with vastly more torque than a 720bhp petrol engine would develop. This amount of power would be more appropriate on a Paris-Dakar type race truck rather than a recreational mobile home. Wonder how long it would be before the owner either tips the thing over or grinds the powertrain into swarf...
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Did anyone see the movie; Damnation Alley? It's a 1977 post-apocalyptic film ( about a couple of guys that set out across country in two Air Force built "Landmasters," giant 12-wheeled armored personnel carriers capable of climbing 60-degree inclines, etc... Well this new expedition vehicle reminds me of that movie.