Michael Mantion
I am fine with GM but this is creepy
Mr T
Yep, this is wrong on so many levels, aside from the usual dairy industry evilness (cows make milk because they have been pregnant, not because we ask them nicely, basically, they are made pregnant, they give birth and then the calves are killed at or before 5 days old so that humans can have the milk meant for them, how sick is that). Don\'t believe dairy is bad? Google it, there\'s heaps of info out there...
Mr Stiffy
Yes I am sure the cows are thrilled, as is the species.
\"You promised me dog or higher!\" :) If they tried to sell it in supermarkets as \"Human breast milk from a cow\" I think I\'d be a little put off. But if it was call \"SuperMilk (tm)\" I might be more interested.
Patrick Coffey
Having a child who had to be NICU raised and seen how many mothers can not provide their own milk as well as the research showing how formula, which is cow milk based, fed babies have so many developmental delays etc this could could offer a huge benefit. As to feeding grown people this would deal with lactose intolerance.... so as creepy as it sounds I\'m for it.
Now I\'m going to have nightmares of genetically engineered Chinese cows luring my 5-month-old nephew and other children off like the pied piper!
Michael Mantion
Virtual it is possible to have women as wet nurses, they used them until recently. Its not ideal but its better then this.
Mr T--- Would you prefer hormonal manipulation, rather than producing veal?
I do not eat food products for totalitarian countries, if I can avoid it.
I also question the safety of genetic modification using current techniques, even from the first world. Lets keep the cows isolated for a few generations before we start human consumption of the milk, or meat.
For the time being wet nurses sound like a much better idea.
Mmmmmm, got any oreos?