What could be more fun than negotiating traffic in something that looks like a pinball bumper?
And if the Segway already goes for $5k (more for the off-road unit) then this silly looking thing will probably sell for $15k Umm, yeah...uh, no!
If you make the wheels big enough, you could hang the batteries below the balance point. Then you wouldn\'t need the fancy electronics to keep the vehicle upright. In fact, if the vehicle used a horizontal flywheel to store/deliver energy from stops and starts, then the flywheel could also act as a gyro to dampen rocking.
What silly looking vehicles!
looks similar to a couple of personal transport concepts seen at tokyo shows for years now ... no?
Really lot of changes are happening in personal transportation and environmental purity. Congrats to the US -China TEAM
Bob Poor
If this is the future of two wheeled transport we are in trouble.
Facebook User
Looks like the designer ate some bad sushi then watched \"Planet 51\" and this concept came out of the nightmares he had while feverishly tossing and turning all night.
whatever happened to walking?
Dakoroman, Sydney
Like Segway products, Segway-based GM EN-V have the same problem:they do not have a very important function; any videoclips made by Segway Corporation will show what is the problem, which once solved, will make them more suitable for the market,with reasonable price and new, better designs and enhanced safety. At this moment, as limited as they are, these products can not be the future of urban mobility, without making them more portable, folding, lighter, less expensive, safer, faster, driving them on any surface, harsh terrains, hills, convertible. Just try, from Sydney, Australia, no problems if you are a corporation or individual and I will convince you beyond any doubts why and how the avalanche of products like these can and must be improved a lot before will be a realistic solution.
I like the \"Magic\" version, understated and sleek. But it looks like squeezing in and out behind the door on the front would be a real bear.