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Philips Electronics latest power toothbrush - the Sonicare Elite - uses "sonic" technology that combines high frequency bristle motion and dynamic cleaning action. A two-minute timer promotes adherence to the professional-recommended brushing time and two speed settings cater for sensitive teeth.

In addition to the two-minute timer preventing over-brushing, the "Quadpacer" timer encourages equal brushing of each quadrant of your mouth by emitting a short beep and a pause in brushing action at 30-second interval. For first-time power toothbrush users there's also a function that gently increases brushing power over 14 uses.

Power toothbrushes have been shown as beneficial to gingival health and a reduction in plaque and according to Philips, 64% of dental professionals personally used a power toothbrush rather than a manual model Sonicare system during the past three years.

The Sonicare Elite is now available in Europe and the US. Follow the links below to learn more.

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