Monday September 15, 2003

The latest Nomad Jukebox MP3 player has been redesigned to accommodate up to 30GB in-built memory (enough for 1,000 hours of music) and advanced navigation and search functionality in a pocket-sized anodised aluminium casing 22mm thick and weighing just 226g.

The NOMAD Jukebox Zen NX is available in 20 or 30GB versions, each providing 14 hours of continuous playback MP3 (based on playing MP3s encoded at 128kbps), USB 2.0 connectivity and a range of audio features including 4-band Custom Equalizer, advanced EQ presets, EAX "Smart Volume Management" and time-scaling for up to 1.5x faster or 0.5x slower audio playback without compromising audibility.

The 132 x 64 pixel resolution backlit LCD display provides an icon-driven interface with scrolling navigation that enables customised playlists to be created while on the move and includes a direct "find" function for quick access to music by song, album or artist.

Music files are automatically arranged by artist, album, genre or track and - as well as the convenience of a highly-portable 30GB HDD - the Jukebox Zen NX includes a Sleep Timer and "Wake to Music" function for so that you can ditch yet another travelling companion - your portable alarm clock.

The 30GB NOMAD Jukebox Zen NX costs AUD$599 (inc GST) and the 20GB model costs AUD$499 (inc GST). Both ship with a black travel pouch and stereo earphones. Follow the links below to learn more.