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Repositioning the hearth - FireOrb

Repositioning the hearth - Fir...
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January 3, 2005 FireOrb Designer Doug Garafalo has created one of the most interesting and flexible heating appliance designs possible with the beautiful FireOrb. “I like that it’s a fire that people can actually gather around”, he says. “This kind of fire has echoes in the history of human culture. It creates a social space – it lets the fire be central again.”

The FireOrb is a suspended fireplace with a 360 degree rotation field. It is fabricated by spinning steel into a pure, CAD governed form and most importantly, it frees the hearth to float in the room exactly where the architect wants it. FireOrb can be at the heart of any space.

The 140 pound FireOrb simply hangs with elegant presence from any ceiling.

View gallery - 6 images
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