December 8, 2005 This looks to be the ultimate environment for the ultimate couch potato. It’s being offered by Domino's Pizza to apparently reflect the desires of pizza-loving sports fanatics, nearly 500 of whom were surveyed about what they wanted in the supreme sports sofa. The Domino's Pizza Man Cave Couch has it all. It serves as a high-end entertainment and food-and-beverage center where everything is within a hairy arm's reach. The couch features two flat screen TVs, a DVD player, an Xbox with three controllers, a refrigerator, an Electric Red MP3 player, an XM Radio with one year of free service, a NEXTEL cellular phone and a NASCAR headset and two Domino's Pizza Heat Wave hot bags to keep your pizzas warm.

All of the couch action can be captured with an included Kodak Easy Share camera. If that's not enough, guys can kick back and enjoy the special reclining option and head rests that double as paper towel holders. To ensure couch-sitters are respectable and presentable when they leave the couch, Old Spice has provided a year's supply of men's deodorant and body spray.

The $30,000 male must-have is available to the first buyer who calls 1-800-521-8274 (ask for Scott Senne) between 12-2 p.m. EST on Wednesday, Dec. 14, so devotees of this divan should work on their dialling technique. Details here.

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