September 17, 2006 The automobile is not the safest place to leave valuables – opportunistic smash-and-grab theft typically most theft occurs when valuables are left in full view of the thief, however, the smallest sign of valuables within, such as a satellite navigation or PDA cradle can get you windows smashed regardless. As it’s not always possible to safely store your valuables when on the move, this might be the answer.

We weren’t aware of a solution until we saw the autosafe mentioned by the Red Ferret. There are different versions of the autosafe available that can hold a bunch of smaller items (sunnies, PDA, satnav etc) in a lightweight 1.6 kg 185 x 150 x 97 mm UKP50 (US100) box through to a 492 x 395 x 210 mm UKP150 (US$300) jumbo-size big enough for a laptop bag. The boxes are secured using a wire-rope cable to a chassis mounted seat base, seat hinges or baby seat fixing points so there’s no drilling required.

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