November 20, 2006 Sexuality is common to us all. Like music, it is a universal language that can overcome all barriers, so, maybe they can be combined? . Developed using a team of 500 beta testers, the Ohmibod is a music-powered vibrator that translates tunes from any MP3 player (actually any audio source so iRiver, Creative, Zune etc will all work too) into vibrations. Offered as an “acsexory” aimed squarely at the world’s largest selling personal entertainment device (the Apple iPod), the aim of the slick marketing exercise is to make vibrators socially acceptable. The timing couldn’t be better as personal entertainment devices are selling at more than 50 million units a year, roughly half of them to women, so the world’s first audio player acsexory might be a killer app in the making. There’s an online Club Vibe (which users can join anonymously), centred on enhancing the OhMiBod experience, and sharing OhMiBod Playlists and experiences. Now we haven’t tried it, but those that have are being very complimentary on the Ohmibod blog Ohmiblog, writing things like, “I’ll never listen to the Black Eyed Peas in the same way again”, and “the perfect travelling companion.” Considering the various forces at play in reaching the desired result, we’d suggest that rather than using music designed with other things in mind, there’s also the prospect of a whole new genre of music designed to create the sustained frequencies and rhythms for a successful outcome. Though OhMiBod is not endorsed by Apple, OhMiBod’s creator, Suki, previously worked in product marketing for the company and it shows. “The idea of approachability was carried through the entire development and design of OhMiBod - its name, packaging and website,” says Suki, whose goal is for women to feel as comfortable buying an OhMiBod as they do buying an iPod.

OhMiBod lets people actually feel their music. Its integrated audio circuitry converts the beat and rhythm of their favorite tunes into vibrations, creating a stimulating, nonrepetitive vibration while they listen. Although optimized for all iPod models, OhMiBod accepts input from virtually any electronic audio output source with a 3.5mm jack including MP3 and CD players, laptops and more. The volume controls the intensity of the vibrations, the higher the volume, the more intense the vibrations.

OhMiBod’s is moulded from premium grade hypoallergenic white nontoxic, non-porous plastic with a chrome finish. Its audio-enabled microchip is seamlessly integrated into its design and it can easily be converted into a normal multi-speed vibrator by putting on the additional end cap.

OhMiBod has, through word of mouth and the Internet, built a 500 strong beta team.. OhMiBod enthusiasts, whether they are vibrator novices or aficionados, can instantly and join a fun and hip community called “Club Vibe” (, which is centered around enhancing the OhMiBod experience.

Users can search for and purchase a variety of playlists by using OhMiBod as a search term in the iMix section of the iTunes music store. If they don't see something that tickles their fancy, they can create and upload their own iMix and share it with others.

OhMiBod retails for US$69 and is available online and comes packaged with a metre-long “freedom cord”, universal splitter, a multi-speed end cap for use without a music player and a hot-pink velvet privacy pouch.

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