New LEDs offer simple replacement of fluorescent tubes

New LEDs offer simple replacem...
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June 22, 2007 With over half a billion fluorescent light globes disposed of each year in the U.S. alone, there is no doubting the significance of a product that allows existing fluorescent fixtures to be converted to Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) by simply changing the bulb. The world's first true replacement of glass fluorescent lighting tubes, the EverLED TR from LEDdynamics utilizes the existing fluorescent ballast, while achieving the equivalent light output of the tube it replaces.

In addition to energy savings, the benefits of LED lighting technology include a 10 year service life, high quality light, and cold temperature operation. Made of recyclable materials, the EverLED TR does not contain mercury or lead and has no glass to break and is the first commercially available product which facilitates conversion to LED technology without replacing or altering the existing light fixture.

The EverLED TR is a 48" long T8 replacement, available now in 5 standard shades of white, from daylight to warm white. The 48-inch "S" model provides the equivalent light output of a 40 watt tube while consuming only 25 watts. 24", 60", and 72" models will be available in Q3, 2007.

The EverLED TR incorporates patent pending electronic circuitry which allows the LEDs to extract power from existing fluorescent ballasts regardless of the technology used by the ballast. This technique also allows the reduction of power needed to create light and increases the compatibility of the unit with fixtures using T12, T10, or T8 diameter fluorescent tubes.

"The United States alone disposes of 620 million fluorescent tubes each year," said Bill McGrath, President of LEDdynamics. "Many of these are not disposed of properly, exposing people and the environment to toxic and hazardous materials. Before the development of the EverLED TR, there were simply no better choices. Now, anyone can convert their legacy fluorescent system and realize the benefits of clean, safe, and quality LED light".

It’s clear that any technology that manages to use existing infrastructure to bring energy efficiency benefits is important in a world grappling with climate change.

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1 comment
PR Noyes
I've had these in my office and workshop for a long time now. Everyone loves them and they give me a good sense of pride discussing them with visitors. They are made here in the USA (not cheap overseas stuff) and they are smart. I swapped in two tubes and each (total draw 40W) and I leave them pretty much always without noticing.
They're certainly bright enough and don't feel at all like LED. It's a great idea and in my case works out fine. A shop down in town has a pair of Everled TRs over one of their tech's workbenches. The other techs all want them. :) Not sure why they haven't replaced all the tech benches with Everled TR's but I certainly understand why they are popular.