October 2, 2007 Real-time GPS tracking device and service provider Anytrack has announced two new products for both business and consumer markets designed to keep track of everything from important cargo to vehicles, pets... even grandpa.

The GPS-130 is designed to help shippers, retailers, transportation and logistics providers reduce cargo theft and increase supply chain security. And with cargo thefts costing from $12,000 to $3 million per shipment, and totalling $15 billion annually according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Anytrack should find a ready market. The smaller, lightweight version of the product, the GPS-100, can be used to track and recover vehicles, boats and pets, as well as monitor teen drivers, protect toddlers and track senior citizens”.

The GPS-130 device combines the AnyTrack GPS-100 with a high-capacity rechargeable battery pack in a magnetic, impact-resistant case. The GPS-100, a CTIA Wireless 2007 E-Tech Award winner for its innovative design, small size (2.36" x 1.85" x 0.8") and light weight (2.65 oz.), can be removed from the case for sole use. Both the GPS-130 and the GPS-100 utilize AnyTrack.net, AnyTrack's proprietary real time asset management system featuring remote tracking from any PC, with features such as Automatic Tracking, Locate on Demand, and Location History.

"The AnyTrack tracking units are unique from conventional GPS devices because only AnyTrack can determine its location without a direct line of sight to a satellite," said Charles Napier, vice president of marketing for AnyDATA Corporation, parent company of AnyTrack, Inc. "The GPS-130 can track business assets that are in transit, stored in a warehouse or in a garage, almost anywhere in the U.S. The GPS-130 can report its location for weeks at a time while concealed in cargo or on a trailer."

The AnyTrack GPS-130 transmits location data in real-time to give businesses point-to-point shipment visibility. The high-capacity battery pack in the GPS-130 model powers the device for up to three months, providing continuous tracking from origination to destination. "Any business with high- value shipments can now track their assets throughout the US by inserting an AnyTrack device in the container, then logging into AnyTrack.net, our secure real-time asset management system, to monitor location, speed and direction of the shipment," said Napier.

The AnyTrack GPS-100 and the GPS-130 are available now with the GPS-100 priced at US$229 and the GPS-130 priced at US$349. The real-time tracking service starting at $9.95 per month. Both devices and the tracking service are also offered on a wholesale basis to resellers and distribution partners.

For further info visit AnyDATA.

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