The days of mechanical locks may be numbered as Wi-Fi- and Bluetooth-enabled smart locks continue to evolve with devices such as the Lockitron and August Smart Lock turning a smartphone into a wireless key. Unlocking a door with a smartphone from anywhere in the world is convenient by itself, but with the Goji Smart Lock you can instantly know when someone opens your front door and even see who it is.

Rather than just streaming live video feeds like a CCTV camera, Goji's new lock takes a picture every time it's opened and then immediately sends an alert message via text and email to the owner's smartphone showing who actually unlocked the door. This way, homeowners can ensure their latchkey kids made it home from school, find out if the maid dropped by, and of course quickly learn if a burglar has entered using a stolen key. Users can also access a log of all activity and photos through the Goji mobile app and website.

The sleek-looking Goji Smart Lock installs in place of most deadbolts with just a couple of screws and then connects to a Wi-Fi network. After it's been set up, the lock's blue LED display will show its status along with the date and time, and will even identify each electronic key to welcome its owner by name. A battery powers the lock for about one year and will send email and text alerts once it needs to be replaced.

Once installed, homeowners can use an accompanying iOS or Android app to assign up to four digital keys to anyone with a smartphone, which can be used to open the smart lock wirelessly. Keys can be programmed to work only during specific days or time frames as well, in case users want to give one to a visiting friend, babysitter, dogwalker, etc. Each key's privileges can be instantly changed or revoked entirely at any time.

The lock uses 128-bit encryption and security algorithms comparable to a bank's to prevent any unauthorized access to the system. According to the developers, the smart lock will continue to open through the app even if your home Wi-Fi network goes down. You won't be able to control it remotely or receive email alerts, but at least you won't be locked out if there's a blackout. Users with Bluetooth low energy-compatible phones can even open the lock just by coming within close proximity.

For those who don't carry a mobile phone with them, such as a child, Goji also offers programmable fobs that can be used with the lock. As a last resort, a mechanical key can also open the lock via a keyhole hidden behind the display. On top of all this, Goji promises 24/7 telephone support and a network of locksmiths available in case you lose your smartphone or just need help with the lock.

The company recently started an Indiegogo campaign to bring its smart lock into production and is accepting pre-orders right now. Each Goji Smart Lock will retail for US$278, with discounts for Indiegogo backers. The device is expected to ship in December.

Check out the video below to see some of the Goji Smart Lock's features in action.

Sources: Goji, IndieGoGo

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