Daniel Moreno
Should have went with a tungsten wedding band.
Mel Tisdale
Well said, Loz!
Suzanne Bradley
bet you can still get a puncture!
Darin Selby
How do you pedal it? No 24K pedals. Oops!
Simon White
I saw this done on a Solex https://www.flickr.com/photos/fruey/3022698976/sizes/l/
Your comments are perfect. In fact I'd nominate this thing for a Darwin Award, for demonstrating just how far societies may go awry.
Dave Andrews
Wow, that's just stupid. I guess if you just want to display it on a wall or something, but gold is very soft. The gold will wear off of the gears and derailleur almost instantly, and will rub off of anything the riders hands, feet, arms or legs rubs against before too long as well. Clearly not meant to be ridden.
Robert Duckmanton
How about a gold plated lock (very heavy duty and theft insurance) for parking outside Starbucks? But who would ride with you when on this quintessentially narcissistic bit of braggery?
First, Gold's density seems to be at odds with the drive for ever lighter cycling products. Nevertheless, setting weight-weenie complaints aside, for the almost $400K price tag (pre-tax I might add), I should imagine they would have at least given a bit more thought when deciding on the donor bike perhaps choosing something a bit more interesting than a run of the mill entry level road bike with it's equally meh (Shimano Sora) components. Not exactly gilding a pig but close. Was this an exercise in obscure ways to drive up to cost of gold by reducing supply (on bike's worth at a time)?
While still seeming rather tacky this item is a lot less offensive than last week's tacky belt buckle priced way up in the "Vulgar" range. At least a bike has some legit utility.