Such a no-brainer! Very cool.

This looks like a DIY project for the brave "it's only a small leak" Maker!
On a hot night in summer the last thing you want is extra heat coming from your windows.
And 5 years down the line you get to deal with water damage.
Nelson Hyde Chick
It isn't a window anymore if you can't see out of it.
The British concept is more attractive.You don't lose the view,and warm water is stored for evening heating,good in winter.
Don Duncan
We all want a view, but quickly ignore it. How many people think: "I love my job because of my office windows," How often do you stand and gaze out the window, admiring the view? The same applies to homes. I know because I had a spectacular view for three years from wrap around windows on Lake Tahoe. One reason I chose the house was because of the view. Every time new people walked in the first impression was the view, which they mentioned. I was reminded by this that I seldom noticed it after the first few weeks. It was like have a million dollar masterpiece on the wall. Soon it goes unappreciated.
I was advised by an observant successful realtor that the view makes a great first impression but it quickly losses its appeal. I verified that from experience.
Therefore, if light is needed, get it from skylights without compromise of insulation integrity.
Great, I won’t need to wait that pesky 10-15 years for my new windows to go cloudy... as a bonus, they’ll clear just when I want privacy!
Yup, as in the Sign bizz, the mistakes or problems that can "glare" at a customer disappear after a few weeks; human nature.
This invention is stupid. Nobody wants a window that’s going to fog up when it gets hot.
The deerhunter
It would be nice if the solar gel was stabilized so as not to easily leak through small apertures.