How do they keep bacteria and algae from colonizing the unit and eventually contaminating the water?
George Vergese
On scaling up, would there be dangers in the form of an atmosphere void of moisture?
So they invented the dehumidifier? This is a PR stunt and will go nowhere.
“Water should be a human right”??? Of what, specifically, should such a ‘right’ consist? Certainly no one should be prevented, by force or threat of force, from seeking to obtain water – so long as that seeking doesn’t involve force or fraud against others. But if the proposed ‘right’ involves the PROVISION of water TO any person(s), that would necessarily impose an obligation on some OTHER person(s) – a degree of servitude which is obviously illegitimate. Voluntary assistance and cooperation in such efforts are fine; a resort to – or even threat of – force is not. But kudos to this team, for creating what may become a very helpful addition to humanity’s arsenal of tools for survival in arid environments!
Amazing! And do the collectors ever need replaced or cleaned or do they just keep working? This is world changing tech!
A human right? No, it is a human need. One cannot make a human right that someone else must be compelled to provide. That is slavery.
Interesting how low humidity doesn't carry the moisture right back out.
Douglas Bennett Rogers
That picture reminds me of my old block outside of Ridgecrest, CA. You could put a ring of these around each alfalfa farm and recover much of the irrigation water. Then the swamp coolers would work!
Wonder how often the MOF has to be replaced and costs for doing so for 55 gallon a day system?
Moisture farming like in the Star Wars film A new hope.