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Do I want Google Glass? ABSOLUTELY!
Does the action packed lifestyle come with the glasses?
Most people who would buy this already wear glasses, I wonder how you fit them both on your head
Strategic Futurist
Wearable Electronics was a concept first proposed in the Australian produced National Geographic Channel's series 'Future Matters' in 2004 where it was suggested that a) Mobile phone were dead and will be replaced by mobile computing and b) Mobile computing and communications technology will become wearable, with most of it embedded in clothing we wear everyday
Whilst we're not at that level yet, it looks like we are well on the way
Instead of something that looks like glasses without lenses, complete with nose pads, why not something like "street style" behind-the-ear headphones, with an extended, adjustable arm on one side to hold the display? That way, users would be able to wear prescription glasses or sunglasses of their choice.
@Gadgeteer lasik and contacts. Not many people actually wear glasses to see any more.
Besides, if you can buy prescription Oakley's you could probably do the same with these. The benefit would be that if you have insurance they will cover some of the costs of picking up a pair.
I don't do this but the people I know who can afford Oakley's can do so for that reason.
The first issue will probably be cost;
The second will be looks;
The third battery life;
The fourth will be the way you interact with the interface, it may not always be socially appropriate to be giving commands to something other people can't see, they might think you need psychiatric help. A small wireless hand controller may help in the short term and an interface controlled by your eye movement could come later on.
Robert Kelly
i am all for toys but this thing will mess with social interactions big time. But i can see it being cool when I am paragliding and i want to get info or take a video.... but I should probbably pat attention to what i am doing and enjoy my life when i am living it.
Sounds like you're talking about her system in the Final Fantasy movie, we just need the holographic controls
Quite a few people still wear glasses. Many can't tolerate contacts. Lots of people don't want to risk the often irreversible complications of laser surgery. Neither correction can compensate for presbyopia, which afflicts the vast majority of people over 45 or so.